How vulnerable can you be with God?

How vulnerable can you be with God?


How many times have you felt so ashamed maybe even too ashamed of yourself, what you have done or what you are thinking to even talk to God?

Ah most times you think you have failed God too many times He wouldn’t even want to talk to you. Why will He, when you are so dirty? So what do you do? You avoid prayer time, church becomes a boring routine and life just seems so bland.

Most of the time fear is the biggest reason why we run, we are scared God will be too disappointed to even look at us so we stay away,

Other times we feel guilty. Especially when you and God have enjoyed quality time together and then … boom you sin. You feel so guilty. I remember when I would say ‘Haba Dotun, you know God too much to do something like this’ the shame I felt would just literally make me feel like burying my head in the sand.

Can you relate?

I am learning to stop this.

Running away only makes things worse. The longer you stay away the harder it may be for you to come back to Him. God loves you too much to prefer that you run from Him. If He can forgive Saul after he killed so many Christians, if He can look beyond the sins of Rahab then your case is not too hard for Him.

Maybe your case isn’t exactly like this, let me now ask this question.

Can you talk to God openly about anything I mean anything; your fears, your weirdest thoughts, your happy moments and those fantastic ideas you have?

You know God wants all of us to be able to feel vulnerable with Him.

There’s no need to put up appearances with God.  If you are not happy, tell Him, when you are scared talk to Him. You should never feel ashamed to bare yourself before Him. Some people can’t even cry when they are praying. Are you hiding your tears from God?  So who’s going to wipe them away if not Him?

Some people think they can handle it all. Others have been too hurt in the past and prefer to bottle up everything. God is not like that, He wouldn’t use what you tell Him against you.

You might be wondering what’s the need to tell God everything, isn’t he supposed to be Omniscient (The One that knows all) so why should I have to tell Him? I used to feel that way too, but then I have come to realize that talking to God about what He already knows signifies total vulnerability, reliance, trust in Him and most importantly a relationship.

When you are dating, you don’t only talk about the good things, you talk about the sad, the unpleasant and even the outright crazy.

That’s what He wants the most.

God does not just want you to run to Him in a five minutes prayer to say ‘thank you for answering my prayers.’ He wants to talk about everything.

In the end, telling God everything especially what you will ordinarily not have told anybody is for your own good. Some of us are carrying weights that we holding us back. Others prefer to write it in a diary. Your diary cannot solve the problem. Only Jesus can.

I think one of the reasons why we don’t do this is because of what we have heard or what we have been told about God. You can’t imagine yourself talking to God, like you are gisting with your best friend, you can’t imagine smiling out of nowhere just because you remember one of His promises. It sounds almost impossible.

Maybe it’s just too good to be true.

I understand. I heard someone talk so fondly about God and I kept wondering how could this be possible?

In the long run, I got tired of playing religion or praying only when I kneel. I knew I wanted something deeper.

One thing I am doing and you should do is erase everything you have known or heard about God and ask Him daily that through  His word and the world that He created he will show you true love and that your relationship with Him will experience new life and joy.

Whether it’s about something you’ve done wrong, your greatest dreams or even the seemingly insignificant thoughts. God wants you to be vulnerable with Him.

No forming!


5 thoughts on “How vulnerable can you be with God?

  1. this teaches us alot about building arelationship with GOD that you can speak to him no matter how hard it is or how many times you have committed asin am surely blessed with this

  2. “…then I have come to realize that talking to God about what He already knows signifies total vulnerability, reliance, trust in Him and most importantly a relationship”

    Wow! This is so insightful and true.
    Running from God when we feel down instead of running to Him is like being dirty and refusing to go to the bathroom for a wash cos we feel SO dirty.

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