Before you believe the public, listen to your child!

Before you believe the public, listen to your child!


“She thought I was lying”

That was the response a lady gave after I asked questions concerning the molestation she experienced as a kid.  When I asked her what her mum’s reaction was when she finally summoned the courage to open up  two years ago, after her being molested by her aunt, her reply hurt me.

To her mum and family she was a liar and her aunt was a saint incapable of doing such. I’m still wondering how a five year old would have been able to fabricate such.

Hello young mothers, how many times have you made your little child feel like a liar when they’re trying to share an experience with you? How long will you continue to dash their hopes that you’ll always have their back as their mum?

If you continue that way, they’re going to stop talking and start keeping to themselves and someday you will complain that your child never tells you anything, forgetting that you once pushed him away without realizing.

The worst thing that can happen to any mother is your child seeing you as just a means through which he came to this world, a cook, maid and every other thing that’s easily replaceable rather than as a confidant, best friend, soul mate and one who they easily bond with. For every time you show your child that you don’t trust him, you are giving that child every reason to grow without you and you know what that means.

But I know you can get it right. Your children can and should trust you, they should be able to tell you any and everything, let your children know that you’re always going to believe and guide them aright. You should train your kids in such a way that even when they are grown up, they would find very difficult doing something they can’t tell you about.

You don’t want to be lost in your child’s world. No matter how little a child is, they have emotions.

So before you believe the public, listen to your child!

Written By

Ozioma Anaele.

I’m an undergraduate of medical biochemistry but preparing for a career in the film industry and also an upcoming tv host.

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