It’s a beautiful morning and as we declare today’s confessions we pray that Heaven will give us speedy answers.

Today I decree over my life and my household that it shall be well with us and we shall eat the fruit of our labour. There shall be peace within our walls and prosperity within our palaces.I decree that the Lord is on our side always therefore we are not attacked by the wicked. We are not swallowed up in their burning anger and we are not overwhelmed. We are not prey to their teeth therefore the snare is broken and we have escaped. The scepter of the wicked shall not rest upon me and my household.

The Lord shall grant my desires today and it shall be unto me as a dream. God does amazing things for me today therefore I decree joy in my heart and laughter in my mouth. Every of my lost fortune is restored. I harvest with joy every seed I have sown in tears. Every seed I have planted weeping, I reap my harvest with singing. I decree life to surge back in every dead seed of mine. The Lord gives my seed another body.I do not labour in vain because the Lord works with me; I do not stay awake in vain because the Lord is my guard. In the order of King Jehoshaphat, the Lord gives me perfect peace and rest round about. I am the Lord’s beloved therefore I do not have sleepless nights over any matter; the Lord gives me sleep and I am not restless.

Because I am a tree that bears its fruits in due season, I decree that I shall not be barren. My children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from the Lord. My children shall do exploits in their generation, in my life time they shall seat on thrones. They shall be like arrows in a warrior’s hands. My quiver is full of them and I have pure bliss and joy over them. For the sake of my children, I shall not be put to shame and confidently I confront my accusers at the city gates. I enjoy the rewards of all I have worked for and more. I shall be happy and all things shall go well for me.My spouse shall be like a fruitful vine within my household, my children shall be like young olive trees around my table. The LORD shall bless me from Zion, therefore I shall see the prosperity all the days of your life.I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.

4 thoughts on “31 DAYS OF CONFESSION – DAY 24

  1. I’m a Man But I don’t fail to check this blog.
    It blesses me every time.
    God Bless you MaFunto for the godly & inspired lives you are helping women lead. You’re a shining example.

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