How many of you think its okay to teach your boy child how to do chores around the house?Is it necessary is it important? And why should we do it or not do it?

Actually yes it is necessary and of great importance.

Too many men these days go around saying and thinking that the home affairs and baby duties rest solely on the female child. Its wrong. God created Adam and told him to tend to the garden and everything he had given him.  The Garden was were Adam ate drank slept played am sure you get the gist. Perhaps God decided it was too much workload for him or he was bored and didn’t have the zeal to tend to anything; whatever the case God decided it was not good for man to be alone and he created an helpmate for him. That’s where we ladies come in.

Back to the issue at hand as mothers I feel it is our duty to ensure a new generation of men rise. How can we do this?

I will tell you that the major reason why there are a lot of broken men in our generation is because their fathers where either not present or actively involved in their lives.

Is your boy getting the much needed attention from his father or are you showering him with too much love that he ends up thinking every woman should be at his beck and call.

Fathers have a special function to play in the lives of children so even if divorce comes into the picture please ladies ensure these boys spend time with their fathers.

In a case where the above is impossible connect them with a responsible trustworthy male that can influence him positively. It’s not easy raising kids, one thing that makes it 90% successful is when you introduce Jesus to your kids.

Our boys need to understand that a woman is special and should be treated with respect. One day he will be the head of his own home and how he treats his wife and kids will be based entirely on what you expose them to now.

Its time to let the boys know they should be the priest in their home. Its time to let them know that as leaders it is their duty to ensure their family chase after God. They will in turn grow up to be men who are not ashamed to run to God in time of trouble, not ashamed to surrender to him and not ashamed to worship God anywhere anyhow.

We need to make our boys know that house chores or raising kids is not a woman thing.

Its important we let our boys know that being a man does not make you superior its only makes you a Leader with responsibilities and the most important is being accountable to God…



2 thoughts on “RAISING BOYS

  1. Thoughtful ma.
    Men are not superior to women. And vice versa. They’re all spirit beings with different purposes. When we men stop getting our relevance, value and purpose from societal standards and start to get them from the Word of God, then our lives take on a new meaning. God bless you for this!

  2. Awesome read!The society, particularly the African Society has placed responsibility tags on both sexes. I have 3 sons by Gods grace, 4+, 2+ and an infant. I try to involve the toddlers in chores, there are certain chores they can do without making it become child abuse, they can pack up their plates after dinner and wipe their little table. they help me mix batter and oil muffin pans,they even open the car door for me on a light note,we laugh about it but hubby and I use it to send signals to them that this is how to be a Godly gentle man. We need men that are helpful,supportive and courteous and we cant keep badmouthing what we see around if we don’t start from our homes. The Lord is our strength. Thank you again for bringing this up.

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