It’s another edition of the #SheReads segment and we are super excited to review another amazing book. The God Chasers. We hope that as you read this review you will be encouraged to seek God above every and anything.

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When we pursue after God, we can’t really catch Him but we can catch His heart. And when we catch His heart, He turns and chase us. That’s the beauty of being a God chaser. You’re chasing the impossible knowing it’s possible.

The word of the Lord to us is to stop seeking His benefits and seek Him. We are not to seek His hands any longer, but His face.

God doesn’t really care about anything you can ‘do’ for Him. He only cares about your answer to this question ‘Do you want Me?’ He won’t pour out His Spirit were He does not find hunger. He looks for the hungry. Hunger means you’re dissatisfied with the way it has been because it forced you to live without Him in His fullness.

We are sometimes scared of waiting on God cause of the fear that He won’t show up. We abruptly end the waiting process so we don’t experience renewal of strength.

Another problem is that we have never been really hungry. We have allowed things of this realm to satisfy our lives and satiate our hunger. We come to God week after week, year after year, just to have Him fill in the little empty spaces. God is tired of being ‘second place’ to everything else in our lives. He’s even tired of being second to the local church program and church life. If we are not careful, we can get so caught up in doing things for Him that we forget about Him.

Too often we live on a lower plan than what God has intended for us, so when He unexpectedly shows up in His power, we are shocked. Most of us are simply not prepared to see “His train fill the temple”

Most times, we experience just a wave of God’s presence and we get satisfied too quickly. We want to hold on to that revelation forever. We are not desperate and willing to get more and more and more.

God wants to continuously pour the ocean of His presence into our souls every single day but we are satisfied with the wave or splash.

God is not coming to people who merely seek His benefits, He’s coming to people who seek His face. It’s not enough just to be blessed, it’s not enough to receive His gifts and walk in His anointing. He wants people who would cry and say ‘I don’t want more blessings, I want the Blesser; I don’t want anymore gifts, I want the Giver’

God’s fire doesn’t fall on an empty altar. There has to be a sacrifice on the altar for the fire to fall. If you want the fire of God, you must become the fuel of God.

Jesus sacrificed Himself to win our salvation, and He has called each and every person who wants to follow Him to lay down their lives, take up their cross and follow Him (Luke 9:23). The Greek word for cross ‘stauros’ means figuratively exposure to death, ie. self denial.

If we are hungry for the fire to fall in our lives and churches then we need to just crawl up on the altar and say “God, whatever it takes, I lay myself on the altar and ask You to consume me with Your fire, Lord”.

Real revival is birthed when people seek God not ‘revival’, seek the Reviver instead of the revival.

God is tired of having long distance relationship with His people. He really wants to have intimate, close encounters with you and me. He wants to invade our homes with His abiding presence in a way that will make every visitor begin to weep with wonder and worship the moment they step into our abode.

There is something in us that makes us afraid of the commitment that comes with real intimacy with God. For one thing, intimacy with God requires purity. Intimacy with God requires a certain level of brokenness because purity comes from brokenness. God is calling people who wants serious revival into a place of transparent purity. Out of intimacy comes revival.

It’s time to lay our ego on the cross, it’s time to crucify our will, it’s time to lay our own agendas aside. God is calling us to a higher level of commitment. Forget the plans you’ve made for yourself and lay on His altar and die to self.

It’s time to lay everything aside and cover yourself in the blood. When the apostle Paul wrote “I die daily” in I Corinthians 15:31b, he was saying ‘I enter into the presence of God everyday’.

Till we get to this stage of hot chase after God, we can’t really experience Him.


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