Is A Relationship Worth Changing a Bad Habit For?

Is A Relationship Worth Changing a Bad Habit For?


I have come to realize that people have lost themselves, their relationships, marriages, careers, in “this is the way I am” ideology; for the purpose of this article I will be using the acronym TITWIA which means This Is The Way I Am.

It is for a fact that nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws. And these flaws might have contributed negatively to one situation or the other in our life’s; it could be anger, lack of patience, taking people’s stuffs without their permission and not returning it back (this is one thing that pisses me off a lot, LOL), uneasy to forgive, being rude and a whole lot of others which have become something that we subconsciously do and have accepted it as a part of us and believe nothing can change that about us because we have accepted it as TITWIA.

I will describe the TITWIA ideology as a fixed reasoning an individual has that a character or habit cannot be changed about him/her and expects people to accept them that way even when it is not to the person’s convenience. This also applies in relationships when partner A expects partner B to accept them the way they are; their perfections and flaws, of course partner B should be willing to accept partner A’s flaws but when these habits are to the detriment of a healthy relationship, then you know precaution has to be taken.

I consider TITWIA ideology as one of the reasons of high divorce rates and relationship breakups. We are not willing to let go of that bad character all in the name of ‘my partner must love me for who I am’ forgetting the fact that a bad attitude is always unhealthy even to a strong relationship/ marriage.

To get this all clear you can change who you are presently; never say never. The TITWIA ideology has posed as a threat to relationships these days. All it takes is for you to decide to change and be a better person; no one can make you change only you can.

There are so many people who have broken a relationship which had a very bright future and might have lost the right person because of ignorance that they cannot change a bad behavior. Always put this in mind, LOVE cannot keep a relationship, what will keep it is mutual understanding, trust, and respect; because when you understand your partner you will not want to hurt them and will try your very best to be a better person.

Be ye perfect even as your heavenly father is.

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Olayera Seyi

2 thoughts on “Is A Relationship Worth Changing a Bad Habit For?

  1. Well, Im deeply in love with someone but she loves wearing tightly fitted clothes nd I’m opposed to this…nt because I dnt wnt her to look good but because of the implications spiritually nd norm did days we’re guys see girls on such clothes as girls of easy virtue nd make efforts to get dem…I think both d guy nd girl shud respect each others ideology nd principles especially if its for good. Henry M.I

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