How well do you maximize your relationships?

How well do you maximize your relationships?


Our entire existence has been closely knit and intertwined  to survive on interdependence. The synergy created in human relationships has proven to be one of the greatest forces ever. It is said that. ..”if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far go with others”

I like to believe that for you to move on a progressive direction on a destined path in life, with precision and steered drive, go with those on the same journey.

Even the basic unit that lays the foundation of the greater community for mankind culled out as the sacred union of marriage:shows that the core elements that signify our root came about through a coexistence and mutual interaction.

We have to be open to deliberately drawing fortitude and leveraging on the strength of diversity. We have so much inherent in us as individuals, a convergence of our abilities has tremendous potentials, waiting patiently to be unleashed, the more we repel in reluctance to maximizing relationships, the more we reduce our sphere of influence and tendency to bring about effective and productive results.

God puts people in our way to help us attain all He purposes for us. Your next level is tied to a key relationship, the people around us as family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, pastors, mentors, have been put in place strategically for us; to help us, to add our life journey and success story. Friendships have been put in place by God as one of the beauty in our lives to add some colour to our daily living and beyond that to create synergy as we walk in our path to fulfill purpose.

The ability to see through the eyes of God in these relationships is the ability to concentrate on the strengths of those God has placed in our lives. It is of great disadvantage to us when we do not rightly perceive relationships, knowing the ones to nurture and the ones to keep at a distance, it is also more unfortunate when we readily make out the flaws of others and are quick to block them out. One way to maximize relationships is to make allowance for people’s mistakes and weaknesses (Colossians 3:13). So many destiny relationships have been broken because someone took offence at the show of a weakness of another.

Be discerning enough to know when you might be giving room for strife to cause a permanent disintegration of a relationship and when it is important to simply draw the line.Relationships are seeds that germinate into trees of opportunities. It is however important that we learn to leverage on people with using them, always ask yourself; what influence is this person bringing into my life as much as what value am I adding to this relationship?

Above all honour people, do not speak Ill of people, no matter how they’ve hurt you, never think of yourself highly than others, be meek enough to learn, be vulnerable to those assigned to help you and be open to those God has called you to help.

Everything rises and falls on relationships and how far you go in life is directly proportional to how well you maximize key relationships.

Written By

Olajumoke Afolarin






One thought on “How well do you maximize your relationships?

  1. Well said Jummy. God bless you.

    Relationships are acts of WISDOM. Once wisdom ceases to be the nexus of any relationship, such a one is closer to extinction than productivity!

    Thanks for this.

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