Grownup but Still Treated like a Child?

Grownup but Still Treated like a Child?


You just got back from school the previous day and stayed  in bed till the next morning giving yourself a long welcome back home sleep even though it was bright already. Then you heard a loud voice calling you; it’s a voice you recognize so well and in the same tone it’s been used since you were a child.  The voice of your mother!

You hurry out of bed wondering why she stills talks to an ‘undergraduate’ you the same way she talked to a ‘primary school’ you.

This is the case of some grownups in their homes and you keep wondering what’s wrong. Some of the reasons you’re still seen as a child even when you’re grown up are:


  • You’ve not shown responsibility

You’re still always told what to do around the house even when you obviously know what to do. You still enjoy been ordered about and can’t even control your

younger siblings (if you have any).

  • You are not productive

For every season of your life, there’s a level of productivity expected of

you which you probably haven’t been exhibiting. Trust me when I say parents

respect children who are productive and to an extent can relieve them of

one or two financial burdens. Even though they can afford whatever you need, your financial independence gives them inner joy.

  • They are your parents

Your mum, dad or both parents are just like that. They may not accept change; can be quite domineering or want to control everything around the house. You’ve just got to be patient and polite with them while you keep being responsible and productive.


But if you detest being treated as a child, then you’ve got to step up your game and be an adult. Eventually they will get the point.

And to our dear mommas’ be sure to give your children the respect they deserve at every phase of their lives, they’ve got emotions too you know!


So let’s talk beautified ladies, what are the other reasons you think grownups are still treated as children in a home?

Written By

Ozioma Anaele.

I’m an undergraduate of medical biochemistry but preparing for a career in the film industry and also an upcoming tv host.

One thought on “Grownup but Still Treated like a Child?

  1. well, another reason can be based on Stature… LOL… like me, I have a small stature but a graduate, Mum and Dad still sees me as a baby but since have been engaged in so many things and have taken decisions and set boundaries for them… they are beginning to give me breathing space…..

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