Hello Beautified Ladies, it is with so much joy that we welcome you to the very first edition of our monthly Beautified Woman series.

This isn’t just an interview, it is an opportunity to get your hope ignited, and keep your dreams alive through the stories of women who are already walking in purpose, and of course with a spice of fun.

Our Beautified Woman for this month is Boluwatife Oladipupo, she is a wife, Chartered Accountant and founder of BestHomes. She loves to be called a certified God pleaser. We absolutely love her ending statement and we think you should reflect on it. The only way you can do that is by reading the interview.

Enjoy the interview and let us know what you learnt!

  • Hello Bolu, in 5 words, please tell us about yourself

Hi Beautified Blog!

Well, I’d simply say, Boluwatife is a God-Pleaser.

  • What would you say is your purpose?

My goal in life is to help people and families turn seemingly ‘bad’ situations into beautiful stories that challenge others to maximize their essence. I seek to hugely contribute towards inspiring wholesomeness in all families globally.

  • What motivates you to keep striving for success?

That would be my audacious dreams and daily realities!

  • What role do you think friends play in helping you fulfill purpose?

Friends play a very defining role in helping anyone fulfill purpose or otherwise. Eagles don’t ‘roll’ with chickens; they are in their own class. Friendship is a very sensitive and influential commitment, so we must always make conscious efforts to choose our friends carefully. While the right friendship can elevate and place you at the centre of God’s purpose for your life in no time, a wrong one can ultimately destroy you and alter God’s direction for one’s life


  • So tell us, why did you choose Accounting?

The choice of accounting was based on my strength. Right from primary school, numbers and everything quantitative reasoning were sure ‘A’ subjects for me. So, naturally, it was a no brainer when I had to choose my line of course in the University.

  • Was it always what you wanted to study?

I would say yes, even though I had a lingering ‘childhood’ dream of being an actress.

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

Take more risks! I could be very risk averse, but I’ve learnt to no longer ask myself what if it doesn’t work out. What if it works out?! One of the most important decisions you can make in life is to decide not to be afraid. We can’t get exceptional results if we don’t take exceptional risks, especially in obedience to God.

  • Your passion for Christ centered families made you start BestHomes what’s the best feedback you have gotten since its inception?

I’ve had numerous humbling feedback since inception, but one that readily comes to mind was from Mrs. Toun Okewale-Sonaiya(Founder, WFM 91.7),one of our official media partners at this year’s edition of BestHomes worship evening. She had planned to leave immediately after her speech but she stayed till the end. After the worship evening, we had a conversation and she expressed how awed she was at God’s strong presence that evening and how she feels so connected to the BestHomes vision. She went on to give us a blank cheque, saying we have the express partnership of her radio station for all of BestHomes projects. It was a really humbling moment for me. God deserves all the glory for that.

  • How were you able to successfully run an organization for families when you were still single?

That was actually my very first excuse but you know how God does His thing. I had used ‘being single’ as an excuse each time I felt the strong urge to start BestHomes. But of course, it got to the point where I lost my ‘peace’ about just sitting around, watching the increase of family disarray and wreckage on more homes. So single or not, I knew I had a part to play in helping to build strong homes. The turning point for me was when I consciously took deliberate efforts to ensure I had the right mindset about the exact vision and how God had chosen to use me even in my ‘single’ state.

  • Tell us the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since inception of Best Homes

Marriages and Homes do not break because of lack of information or love alone, but also lack of proper application of the ‘right’ information and the willingness of both parties to make things work.

  • We know you are a newlywed, tell us one thing you didn’t know about marriage till you got married?

Friendship can be more important than the ‘butterfly-producing-love.’ As much as love is key, friendship can be much more vital in marriage. Friendship is like the reserve engine(s) in an airplane that keeps it powered should anything go wrong with the main engine while on air. Grateful for that gift of friendship that keeps us bonded.


  • Did you plan your wedding yourself or hire a wedding planner?

Our wedding was majorly self-planned, though we had the assistance of a professional event planner that ran us through a couple of things we might have overlooked.

  • Can you tell us why?

Before we got married, my husband had sold the ‘no-debt-after-wedding’ vision to me and I bought it hook-line-sinker. And so whilst we wanted a classy wedding, we also wanted to ensure we got the best price deals. At the end of the day, we were able to cut as much expenses as we could and still have a most beautiful wedding. Besides, we had an ever-ready, supportive and lovely family who stepped in for us in areas that mattered. Looking back now, I’m excited we made and stood by that decision.

  • One thing in your wardrobe you can’t do without?

My little black dress!

  • What would you say greatest achievement so far and how has it shaped you?

One that readily comes to mind is being ACCA certified (member) before age 25. It has helped me believe that no matter how impossible or far-fetched people think your dreams are, when you set your mind to it and put God in the mix, you would achieve the set goals and even more!! I have also learnt that once a goal is achieved, there is some release of ‘adrenaline’ to keep achieving more.

  • Tell us one thing you will always be grateful for

I would always be grateful for the gift of an absolutely awesome FAMILY, particularly my Husband. Family is a huge support system from God.

Thank you!

Your future isn’t ahead of you; it’s on your inside.”-Boluwatife Oladipupo.


A major take-away from this interview is this-As young ladies we should not be scared of taking risks. Yes, some of us are scared of risks. We are tempted to ask  too many negative questions.  ‘What if it fails?’ ‘What if people laugh at my ideas?’

How about asking what will happen if your idea works, do you know how many people will benefit from your decision to take risks?

Go ahead and start doing the seemingly impossible. You can be sure that your Father has got your back!



  1. Really true. I used to be very comfortable in my comfort zone, until I realized there is only so little one can acheive that way. Thank you, ma. This is really insightful and I wish you a blissful and fruitful marriage.

  2. I’m truly inspired to do more and be more of who God wants me to be without excuses. God bless Bolu. God bless Beautified Network.

  3. Really inspiring interview. Congratulations on acquiring your ACCA certificate before 25…I know it’s not an easy task at all. Wish you success in every other aspect of your life. @Beautified blog: thumbs up??

  4. “Eagles don’t ‘roll’ with chickens; they are in their own class.” We can’t get exceptional results if we don’t take exceptional risks” Too deep thoughts right there. Best thing I’ve read all day. Bless you and your home!

  5. Awe-inspiring interview! So loving her response on the power of friendship. God bless you for this

  6. Beautiful interview. Isaac and Boluwatife Oladipupo’s wedding is the best I’ve attended so far this year in terms of class and uniqueness. Wonderful how God joins two great people together. I also love the amazing works your hubby is doing with Success Stories Africa and I pray to God for a home like yours.

  7. Wow… What an inspiring interview, “your future is not ahead of you its on your inside”…. @tifeinspires

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