Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having high moral standards. In the course of writing this article, I will be using the words integrity and trust interchangeably as the foundation of trust is integrity.
In business, long term relationships are built on the foundation of integrity (trust). If people trust you, they will consistently do business with you. Many times, people overlook tribal sentiments when trust is a common denominator.
As a business owner/entrepreneur, with integrity you can easily attract capital as one of the ‘Cs’ of lending is ‘Character’ (Integrity).
My former Chancellor (Dr David Oyedepo) would always say, “Charisma may take you to the top, but character will keep you there.” In business, your credibility will affect your profitability.
Before the consolidation of the Nigerian banking sector, most banks seemed to have trust in their names e.g. Equatorial Trust Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Standard Trust Bank, Fountain Trust Bank, All States Trust Bank and the list goes on and on. They knew the importance of communicating the word ‘trust’ to the average customer.
I will like to end with a quote by Shiv Khera about the essence of character, “Character is what you won’t do, even if you know you wouldn’t get caught. Some people are honest because they don’t want to get caught telling lies- They are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Whereas some people are honest because they believe it is the right thing to do- They are doing the right thing for the right reasons.”

Written By Howard Derex-Briggs

Inspirational speaker/ human capital development consultant


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