Mothers liberate your children!

Mothers liberate your children!


I remember how growing up was for me and some other children around. We would go to school as early as and wouldn’t return until around Even after spending so many hours in school, some of us would still be subjected to doing private lessons at home. The long vacations were not left out as our parents made sure we spent it all on the so called ‘summer coaching’ recycling same pattern of life.

It didn’t seem like there were other things we could learn and build on aside our academics; that was the only way to success.

I know very well that some of you can relate. My question now is this; are you putting your children through that same pattern of life or are allowing them explore other areas of life? Are you allowing you child enjoy the holidays in the real sense of the word?

You see, a child who is trained and brought up to be versatile will have little or no problem finding where his/her true passion lies. It’s really sickening that some parents cannot boldly say what particularly their child is great at, they don’t know what gifts their child has because they have clearly not observed. All they are concerned about is the grades.Don’t get me wrong. Grades are good but that’s not all there is to life.

When your children do well in sports, music, dance cheer them up. Don’t wait till the report card arrives.

Your child might not even be the best at school but there is something that he can do better than the person who took first position, but it’s up to you to help him find and build and be proud of it.

Never let your child feel unnecessarily bad because they are not the best in school. Instead encourage, correct and help. Don’t mock or yell.  That way you would also be building your child’s self-esteem.

Till I come your way again, liberate your children.

Written By :

Ozioma Anaele


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