This is my first post in 2017 so I’m super excited!!!!!!

The big question is: How do you intend to live this year??

If you ask me, my answer would be to live 2017 in STYLE!!

So, what exactly does STYLE stand for?

SERVICE: This year, endeavor to spend some good time serving others! Provide help to someone in need of it that can’t afford it. There’s always this fulfillment that comes with service. Volunteer to a worthy cause. Even when you don’t have the time, let your resources do the service. Year 2017 provides you with 365 opportunities to be of help to somebody.. anybody! Don’t take it for granted.

TIME PLAN: It’s very important that this new year, we learn to manage and plan our time properly. We have about 8736 hours left in the year! You really don’t want to waste your time on things that are not productive. This year, decide to take a break from things that don’t add to you. I personally intend to take a break from Social Media for a while. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, lol but I trust God to see me through it.

Let’s set goals and targets (you can choose to reward yourself when you meet these targets).

Don’t just go into the year without having any plan because, before you know it, 2017 will be over and you really don’t want to end the year feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything because “you didn’t have the time to accomplish”.

YEARNING & YIELDING TO GOD: Yes! Though this point comes third, it’s importance can NEVER be over emphasized. For me, my number one goal this year is to Yearn and Yield to God like I have never done before.

Thing is you’re never disadvantaged with God. It’s always a majority with Him. Choose to be open to and with God this year. Learn to let Go and let God. Learn to yield to His will as you daily Yearn for Him!

LOVE & LEARN: I am of the opinion that at the core of Life is love. We can’t live without love (Especially when you realize that God Himself is love!).

In 2017, decide to show love like never before! Show love to those that are mean to you, show love to those that necessarily don’t deserve it. Let’s stop the hate and build up more love! Trust me, with love this world will be a better place. We must also be open to learn new things this year. Oops! you also have to be open to un learn the bad stuff too! Lol. You know what they say, you’re never to old to learn! The amazing thing about learning is that a 2 years old kid can teach you something your 25 years old mind couldn’t even think of! Amazing right?

So this year, learn something new! Take online courses if you can in things you’re passionate about. It’s a great step in the right direction.

Last but not the least!

EXCELLENCE: Decide today to live 2017 in Excellence! Whatever you do, put your best in it. Don’t do mediocre, cos that ain’t the quality of stuff you’re made off! You’re made of God material!! And everything God does is perfect! (Even if it isn’t, our minds won’t be able to decipher it’s imperfection. Yes! God’s awesome like that! Haha). So when you cook, cook with excellence, when you speak, do it with excellence cos that’s what beautified ladies do!

There you have it!! STYLE!

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that 2017 must be lived in STYLE!

However, when the chips are down and we get depressed or have experiences that are not so pleasant, let’s draw confidently to the throne  of grace so we may receive mercy and grace to help us through our times of need.

Remain Beautiful.

Written By

Igbukolu Tobechukwu, a well-motivated mass communicator, cinematographer and writer.

I am the very visual representation of God’s love and I have a passion for getting the message of God’s love and grace to people around the world especially through my write-ups.

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