Create Beautiful Memories

Create Beautiful Memories



The result of intentional living is deliberate memories. One lesson I have come to learn from one of the newest facebook features that shares memories as far back as 5 years ago, is that eventful days become memories shared. It hit me late last year when I realized I had unconsciously become weary of social media so I withdrew from updates, comments, likes and follows.

I realized that the notifications I got for memories to share came up only because I had put updates and the more remarkable the memory was, the more eager I was to share it.

Flipping this to apply to everyday life experiences, it is clear that the stories we have to share tomorrow as events of the past are only enriched by how much enthusiasm, love, fun, spontaneity, joy and vigour we add to them.  You know how you deliberately strike a pose for a picture because that’s exactly what you’d want to see in your picture, that’s how you create beautiful memories.

Be sure to laugh, live in the fullness of each day, give, surround yourself with those who bring put the best in you, go out, reflect, enjoy your own company, discover God’s purpose for your life, live in the fullness of God’s purpose for your life, celebrate yourself, celebrate others, learn something new, be involved in politics, use your favorite lipstick, meet people, take pictures in weird places with weird people (aka friends),maximize social media, bake…. create beautiful memories.

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Olajumoke Afolarin

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