Bringing church home; How to make your children remain in Christ throughout their life span

Bringing church home; How to make your children remain in Christ throughout their life span


Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.
Proverbs 22:6 NLT

Why are children who were raised in the church falling out of church as they grow older? Is the church doing something wrong or are the parents missing something somewhere?

While growing up, the trend was to ensure your kids go to school, after schools and nobody asks to see your homework, nobody asked what you were thought in school that day or what happened in school. Our parents where to busy trying to make money. Same things goes for Sunday school, nobody asked questions about Sunday school teachings or what activities or your new friends in church. Our parents thought that sending us to school, lesson and Sunday school meant that we automatically turn out great; well wrong.
We should not follow that trend. While my younger brother was in school I noticed his school devised a method to make parents involved with the child’s schooling by sending a report booklet with the home work. I did all the signing and checking of homework for him, my mum was super busy.
Anyways same thing with my daughter in fact based on that knowledge I had I looked for a school that had that same pattern. I do my daughters homework with her, not only that, when I go pick her up from school, I start asking her questions to make her talk about whatever happened in her class for that day. She is only 3 years old so this also helps her increase her vocabulary daily, it’s a win, win situation.
I also have a close relationship with her teacher, it’s very important, have your kids’ teachers’ number. The school also has this policy where each class has a WhatsApp group which is great.

I brought church home for my kids, I am raising my kids to understand that the church is not a building; the church is you and I and what is important is not the building but ensuring that our lives are exemplary to that of Christ.

We need to make our kids understand that church is not where you go and slay, help them know why they go to church, don’t assume that because they go to church they are well grounded in Christ.
After service every Sunday ask them what they learnt discuss it and try to apply to their lifestyle.
Oh the joy of a child knowing Jesus at a young age. I was eager as a child to know more and more about Jesus I consider it a privilege.
Let your children know God from little, do not leave it to the church to do all the work be involved, have memory verses for the week, when they do something wrong punish them with scripture reading/writing it and tell them to summaries it for you; to them it is a punishment but you are actually planting a seed that will yield good fruit in the future.
Bring Church home. Let your kids see Christ in you, help them involve Christ in everything they do.
My daughter wanted a skipping rope, I told her to pray to God for it, she did it then and there because we were at the salon, it’s not like I could not get her the skipping rope how much was it, I just felt she had too many toys.
My daughter prayed all week and the next for that skipping rope. Her dad personally went to get it for her, He was tired of hearing the prayer Lol. He was tripped by her attitude towards prayer and asking for what she wanted. Teach your kids the way of God and when they are old they will not depart from it.

As a working mum I know your time is not flexible and during the week you are swamped. If it’s possible to drop off or pick your kids from school please do so. Discuss with them in the car, you can also discuss while you are having dinner at the table. Make sure your weekends are for your kids. Your kids should never feel like a burden b deliberate about your relationship with them. Let there be no doors stopping them from reaching you at any time.
Till next time remain blessed.

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