Work your reality

Work your reality



For about 3 months this year, I did not publish. Although, in all fairness, I was writing (scribbling thoughts down), I did not finish any piece. Before now, I worked a more flexible job and I lived in an environment that allowed me more privacy and time to myself and thoughts but my reality changed in January and with the blessings of this new reality came the challenge of “getting into the zone” (writers will relate). While I conveniently threw blames, gave excuses and wished, nothing changed until eventually, after months of waiting unproductively, I took responsibility for the results I need to deliver by creating the environment I need within the environment I have. And, it’s working.

Sista, anything can work if you work it.

Too many times we are stagnated in life not because we don’t have dreams or the ability and desire to make those dreams happen but because we are waiting for the perfect weather.We allow unfavorable circumstances to incapacitate us and we sit back blaming everyone but ourselves and making excuses for nonperformance with the hope that one day, the galaxies will align and we’ll finally have all the time and resources we think we need to do what we need to do. The truth, however, is that life will not always present to us the realities we want or deserve. But if we’ll dare to objectively reexamine our current realities with a different attitude and from a different perspective, we will discover that what we have is good material to work with. We have the ability to create preferred realities using our current realities as the raw material.If you approach your reality with the “I can work this” attitude and you see the challenge as an opportunity to create, you can make anything- unemployment, disability, financial difficulty, a breakup, loss, pressure- work.Besides, there’s no situation that is entirely unique to anyone. Someone somewhere has made a worse situation work!

However, note that somethings can be changed! Nevertheless, some things can only be worked. You cannot change the taste of lemon juice, but if lemon juice is all you’ve got, you can make it work by adding some sugar. It’s up to you!No matter how hard you complain about “not having enough time” you really cannot have more than 24 hours in a day. So you can either maximize the time you have by task prioritization and proper planning or stay stuck in complains. Whatever it is, stop waiting for better. Take responsibility and create it.Working your reality means working with your reality.

Sometimes God deprives us of certain luxuries only so that our eyes can be open to see opportunities in strange places. It is amazing how extreme pressure juices out the best we never knew existed within us. How shame, struggles and pain reveal the strength we never knew we had. How our desperation for a breakthrough leads us to making unprecedented discoveries.How in our quest for solutions we become solutions.

You can live the life you want within the life you have but it won’t happen without your effort. So, stop waiting to “get into your zone”. Roll up your sleeves and work your reality!

Enjoy God always.


Deborah Adeojo

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