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Getting Intimate With The Holy Spirit

Getting Intimate With The Holy Spirit

Few months ago I was feeling somewhat insecure about my body; my stretch marks, and my not so flat tummy. I’d ask my husband what he thinks about my body and expect him to say how he super loveeeesss it. Yinmu!! He’d just smile or say “shebi I’ve said I like your stretch marks na” But that didn’t just cut it for me. I wanted something more. I wanted him to tell me I was beautiful and all that; but he didn’t.  I’d feel sad when he doesn’t say what I want to hear and I’d just sulk and curl up by myself. Then the Holy Spirit will tell me “you’re beautiful”, in my mind I’d be like “Ehn tell that to my husband and make him tell me” LOL!

Then I thought to myself that if The Holy Spirit says I’m beautiful, why do I need confirmation from a man to prove it?  I recently started reading Without Rival by Lisa Bevere and in the first chapter Lisa says we should write out three words that God calls us or something like that and the three words that the Holy Spirit told me immediately are Blessed Beautiful and Beloved. I screamed!

I needed to stop pressuring and expecting my husband to meet my every need and define my esteem, worth and value. That’s not fair on him; he’s as human and limited as can be. Since the Holy Spirit told me that, my whole perspective switched. I don’t pester my husband for compliments anymore; in fact I now give him compliments almost every time. I’m the one now telling him he’s so beautiful and not because I just want to say it but because I really look at him and I’m like “awww my husband is soo finneee” and I tell him.  He doesn’t have to say it back to me; I’m secure and confident in the fact that I am beautiful… because the Holy Spirit says so and God calls me beautiful. And since I started intentionally relating with the Holy Spirit like this, it literally feels like my marriage has become more romantic and full of joy.

The Holy Spirit is real. More real than anyone in this world no matter how close that person is to us and He wants to have a real relationship with us. He is not merely an impersonal power; He has a will, mind and emotions. The Holy Spirit is God up close and personal.

Asides empowering us, the Holy Spirit wants to communicate and fellowship with us. However the question is do we want to fellowship and communicate with Him as much as he wants to with us?

If your answer is yes, here are a few guidelines to building an intimate relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit

  1. Study what the Bible says about Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Being grounded in Scripture ensures that we have a strong foundation for developing an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. In your quest for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you need to take time to study what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit as well as how people in Scripture lived and walked in an intimate relationship with God.

  1. Discover how you uniquely connect with the Holy Spirit

Every relationship requires communication, and intimacy grows when we have special times together. Our relationship with God will benefit from learning how we personally relate best to Him. Lisa Bevere said in her book Without Rival that God doesn’t love everyone one of us equally, rather He loves us UNIQUELY and if He loves us uniquely, He’d relate with each one of us in a unique way. Don’t try to relate with the Holy Spirit the same way someone else says they relate with Him. Give yourself permission to explore an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit in the way that suits you and don’t be intimidated by another person’s relationship with Him.

  1. Pay Attention to and cultivate an awareness of the Holy Spirit

Cultivating an awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit does not mean that we will always feel Him physically. It begins with the revelation of His nearness. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is present in and with us and so we believe it. He is our constant companion. There are so many examples in Scripture of how God spoke to people in many different times- not just when they were waiting to hear from Him, but also when they were travelling and working and even just relaxing. The Holy Spirit will communicate with you on the go. He desires to be a part of your everyday life, when you’re busy as well as when you’re not so busy.

  1. Be Real and Authentic

You don’t need to hide anything and no need to perform. Just be yourself, with both your strengths and your weaknesses. It’s so easy to try to hide our weaknesses and strive to always act strong and faith-filled. But the Father’s arms are waiting. He longs for us to express our grief or distress to Him and receive His comfort. The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Helper, but if we are not vulnerable and authentic with Him, we cannot receive the assistance He desires to give us. Don’t hold God at arm’s length when you need His love, grace and comfort. The presence of weakness does not diminish the quality of your faith; it enhances it and is a powerful witness to others

  1. Pray in tongues

Finally, praying in the Spirit or praying in tongues is one of the most intimate encounters we can have with the Holy Spirit. In those moments of prayer, you unite with Him to establish the Father’s purposes for your life and those who are on His heart. I pray in tongues a lot; I’d rather pray in tongues than pray in words and I could go for hours at a stretch. And I’ve realized that over the years this has really helped me grow in my relationship with the Holy Spirit and in my spiritual walk.


The Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman and as mentioned earlier, He has emotions too and can be grieved, that’s why the Bible warns us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit and I’m in this phase where I’m fostering a real romantic relationship with Him; I’m learning to relate with Him like He’s staying next to me every single moment, because He really is. I’m learning to see that He’s more real to me than my husband and He’s obviously more romantic than my husband.

Does the desire to have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit resonate with you? Today, take time to pray and ask God to stir up the desire for a greater level of encounter and intimacy with Him.

Written by:

Funto Ibuoye- I’m just a small girl helped by a big God!

Lady and Her Lord: Who Are You?

Lady and Her Lord: Who Are You?


Some time ago, my husband and I were on a road trip and he got a broadcast message on his phone. After reading it, he turned and asked me, “Who are you?” I just laughed it off.  But I thought to myself, really, who am I? I know who I am not – I am not the people I know, I am not the position I hold at work, I am not my academic qualification/degree, I am not the car I drive, I am not the clothes I wear… the list is endless.  I even know who I am – I can sing Sinach’s ‘I Know who I am’ off heart. But who am I, really?

Do you ever pause to ask yourself sometimes who you really are? Or do you try to ask those close to you who they think you are? Sometimes, I ask myself why Jesus asked His disciples who the people thought He was and also who the disciples thought He was. It’s definitely not because He did not know who He was, if He didn’t, He would not have responded to Peter the way He did. He just wanted to know what their perception of Him was. The lesson here is that we first need to know for ourselves who we really are before asking for people’s opinions on who they think we are.

It’s interesting to note that when Jesus replied Peter in Matthew 16:18, not only did He confirm that Peter was right about who He was because it was revealed to him He also told Peter who he (Peter) really was. This really got me! It simply means that when we get a revelation of who Jesus really is, He in turn reveals to us who we really are. If you don’t know who you really are, it’s because you have not discovered who Jesus really is.

The truth is who we really are – our worth or value, is not based on what we do. It doesn’t matter that I run a ministry for young women or that I’m a wife to my husband and a mom to my son, if I don’t understand who I am in Christ, I’d be trying to find my identity in my ministry, marriage and motherhood and doing my best to meet up to the world’s expectations of who a minister, wife and mother should be. If I place who I am in what I see in the mirror every day, eventually the wrinkles and grey hair will change that picture too. Everything in this world in which I can try to place my identity will eventually change or pass away. If where I place my identity disappears, what happens to who I am?

The only safe place to keep our identity is in Jesus. Hebrews 13:8 says that Christ is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.” We should always remember that our Savior is an ever-loving, never-changing God. He knows us better than we know ourselves. It’s Christ alone who defines our identity and distinguishes us from the rest of the world.

We find our value in knowing we’re created by God to be His daughters, in knowing Jesus and having Him as our Savior, and most importantly, living in relationship with God, secure in His love for us. So next time someone asks “Who are you?” or the classic “What do you do?” remember who you are in Christ instead. And use every opportunity to share your true identity with others. I am more than a wife, a mom or a minister. I am a child of God (cutest daughter of the Most High), in whose perfect identity I can rest secure for all of eternity.



Ask Funto- Does being submissive as a wife make you a slave?

Ask Funto- Does being submissive as a wife make you a slave?



So I got this question during the week-

“Good evening, can you please shed light on submission in marriage. Does being submissive as a wife make you a slave to him? Apparently my being submissive to my husband means that he is my husband and I am a slave? That’s what I am being told.”

Taking it from the very beginning, when God said, “It’s not good for man to be alone, I will make a helper.”  Somehow we’ve domesticated this “helper” thing to indicate that a woman’s role is to take on supportive duties for her husband. But when God said that, the man was in the Garden of Eden, he didn’t have a house, clothes to wash or meals that needed to be prepared. God did not create Eve to be Adam’s slave or house help.

For you to be able to help someone, it means you’re in a position above that person. For instance if I need to carry a generator, I don’t have the power to do that; I will need to ask for someone who has more power than I do to help with it. So I believe that since God called the woman the ‘helper’ it’s obviously because He created her with more ‘power’ so she can help the man to become all God created him to be while also fulfilling her own purpose.

Submission is not about being weak, but about becoming aware of your power. We can certainly learn a lot about God’s design for women by studying how they impacted men in the Bible both positively and negatively. God created women with a subtle but undeniable power. The strongest man who ever lived (Samson), the wisest man who ever lived (Solomon), and one of the godliest men who ever lived (David) were all compromised by the power of women. In these situations, power was used for harm, but it was designed to be directed for great good.


1 Peter 3:1-6  says that wives can be powerful in winning their husbands through a quiet and gentle spirit. Having a quiet and gentle spirit is not the same thing as being weak and silent. Just look at who Peter cites as an example of such a woman: Sarah, Abraham’s wife. Have you ever really read about Sarah and Abraham? Sarah was not exactly a quiet woman. There are many times recorded in Genesis where Sarah spoke her mind. Sometimes she was right while other times… well, not exactly. But if she is our example of a submissive wife who was a blessing to her husband, then a quiet and gentle spirit certainly doesn’t mean being weak and silent.

So what does submission look like? Going through Ephesians 5: 21-25, we can draw some major truths about submission.

Truth 1: Submission is Spiritual

This is the sole truth about submission; other truths are rooted in this because unless you’re filled with the Spirit of God, it makes absolutely no sense to submit to another person. Unbelievers don’t and cannot understand submission; they think being submissive means you’re subservient and I think this is where the whole radical feminism started from.

In Ephesians 5:21 Paul says, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” If you’re a follower of Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, then when you hit a power struggle in your marriage, you’ll be able to submit to your spouse because of your reverence for Christ; not because it will come naturally, but because it will come supernaturally through the Holy Spirit’s help. There’s no other way we can submit other than by God’s Spirit enabling us.

Truth 2: Submission is Personal

Notice that Paul did not say, “Husbands, tell your wife to submit” or, “Wives, tell your husband to step up and be spiritual head of the home.” Instead, he speaks to each person and asks each to work on his or her own attitude. So if you’re finding it hard submitting to your husband, maybe you should just take a few moments to look within and see if there’s something you need to work on in your attitude. If there’s nothing, then just do your own part as the Holy Spirit helps you.

Personally, I’m very strong willed (better way of saying stubborn LOL) and my husband can be strong willed too; earlier in our marriage, we were always having strong conversations (better way of saying fighting) about really unnecessary stuff but the root of it was we both wanting to have our own way. My attitude was the Bible says husbands should love their wives first then wives should submit; so anytime I felt my husband wasn’t loving me the way I wanted, I wasn’t going to submit. How very foolish of me. I had to get to that point where I decided that having peace in my home was more important than fighting over unnecessary stuff and I  realized over time that the more I submit to my husband, the more he honours and respects me. Even at times when I feel like he is wrong, I’m learning to still submit(Sometimes I still want to have my way)and just pray about the situation.In the end, it always turns out for good.

Truth 3: Submission is Mutual

When Paul writes, “Husbands, love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” that’s really just a nice way of saying Jesus chose to submit himself to the whip, the thorns, and the nails for our benefit. That’s the example for husbands. What Paul asks husbands to do is actually harder than what he asks wives to do. He asks the wife to show respect and submit; he asks the husband to die. So it takes both husband and wife deciding DAILY to die to self, die to their ego, die to their pride, die to their own way of doing things. And it sure takes the help of the Holy Spirit to DIE.

Truth 4: Submission is Practical

Submission doesn’t mean you give up your brain. It doesn’t mean that if the person you’re submitting to wants you to do something wrong, you can do it and tell God, “I was just submitting to my authority o” Submission is not the same as unquestioned obedience. Just as there are times you say no to a boss at work (of course with wisdom), submission in marriage isn’t blind. It doesn’t mean that you just go aheadand do what you’re asked to do even if it violates scripture, your conscience, or common sense. For instance if someone is in an abusive relationship where the husband beats her, submission doesn’t mean that you stay and let him beat you till you die. My dear, you’d die and God will ask you why you didn’t use the common sense He gave you.

Submission is basically about surrendering our power as women to God so that through the help of the Holy Spirit, we can harness this power to helping (not hindering) our husbands fulfil the work God has called them to while we also fulfil ours. It’s about stooping to conquer. So NO! Submission doesn’t mean you’re a slave to your husband.

Extra Virgin Oil

Extra Virgin Oil

Matthew 5:1-13

1-5 “God’s kingdom is like ten young virgins who took oil lamps and went out to greet the bridegroom. Five were silly and five were smart. The silly virgins took lamps, but no extra oil. The smart virgins took jars of oil to feed their lamps. The bridegroom didn’t show up when they expected him, and they all fell asleep.

“In the middle of the night someone yelled out, ‘He’s here! The bride-groom’s here! Go out and greet him!’

7-8 “The ten virgins got up and got their lamps ready. The silly virgins said to the smart ones, ‘Our lamps are going out; lend us some of your oil.’

“They answered, ‘There might not be enough to go around; go buy your own.’

10 “They did, but while they were out buying oil, the bridegroom arrived. When everyone who was there to greet him had gone into the wedding feast, the door was locked.

11 “Much later, the other virgins, the silly ones, showed up and knocked on the door, saying, ‘Master, we’re here. Let us in.’

12 “He answered, ‘Do I know you? I don’t think I know you.’

13 “So stay alert. You have no idea when he might arrive.



Have you ever had those moments or seasons where you practically feel like you’re losing your FIRE for God? You’re not alone! I’ve had moments where I felt like I no longer had my fire. But guess what that was just a ‘feeling’ and many times, we cannot exactly trust our feelings in this Christian race. But then again, we cannot completely ignore them. If you’re constantly feeling like you need a REVIVAL, then you just might be right! And trust me, I’ve felt like that a lot of times.

I was just recently recounting to a friend of mine how I  feel very low on fire thanks to all the things I have to do daily a bulk of which is HOUSE CHORES and I HATE HOUSE CHORES! Precious time I could use doing more important things like soaking in the word and loving up on Jesus, I use to wash plates and clean house and iron clothes and cook food and change diapers and speak baby language. *whew!! I’m in dire NEED of a help!! I’ve started searching for one so please just join me in prayers that I get the right one who would have the FEAR OF GOD in her heart. I’ve had my fair share of funny maids.  Anyway, I digress!

So back to this fire thing, in these last days, we will need extra oil to keep our fire for God burning and I just totally love the story of the 10 virgins; five were wise and Jesus mentioned that they had JARS (not just one jar or a small bottle) of extra oil. Why did they need jars of extra oil? Because they knew that their lamps would go out and they would require extra oil to keep it burning.

Yes, in these last days, there are a whole lot of things that can make our lights and fire burn out. So those moments where you feel like you’re not on fire, it just means that your lamp is burning out; it happens and it’s completely normal.  No fire lasts forever, no matter how hot and blazing it is, it will still get cool and not burn as much and would require more fuel or oil or wood to keep blazing. The question is do you have extra oil?

You might be asking “so what exactly is this extra oil or extra virgin oil as I decided to title this article LOL! No it’s not that GOYA extra virgin oil we use for anointing haha!!

There are three jars of extra oil we would need to keep our fire burning and stay ablaze in these times.


The first jar is THE WORD.

One thing that is common with people who are no longer on fire for God is that they do not have time for the Scriptures. Life gets so busy; deadlines to meet, targets to make; and like my case- busy with house chores after which I’m too tired to study the word.

David said in Psalm 39:3, ‘My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned…’ The Word is the fire in the boiler room of our hearts. If we must stay ablaze, we must stay with the Word.

The two guys on the road to Emmaus gives us another confirmation, Luke 24:32 – And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?” I’ve had conversations with some of my girlfriends talking about the word and we could literally feel our hearts burn. Those conversations you have that you just want to jump and scream. Clearly the Word of God is important if we want the fire of God to burn afresh in our hearts.


The second jar is FELLOWSHIP

Fellowshipping with believers who love the Lord and are on fire God will definitely keep you on fire. That is why you have to be careful who you hang around with. The old saying is true, ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’ Beyond attending church every week, listening to the rightly divided truth of God’s word and also worshipping with other believers, there’s a place for ensuring you surround yourself with the right friends who are also striving to stay on fire for God, you spur each other on. And I like how Hebrews 10:25 says it in MSG version – ‘not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.’

Yes our relationship with God is very personal, but then, God has not called us to run this race alone. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)


The third jar is the HOLY SPIRIT

How can we ever do anything without the Holy Spirit? One of the major reasons Jesus had to return to heaven is so that the Holy Spirit could come to us. The Holy Spirit is the fire in us; he’s the one that burns within us; that’s why Paul said in 1st Thessalonians 5: 19 ‘Quench not the Spirit’ or as the GOD”S WORD TRANSLATION aptly puts it, ‘Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire.’ The Holy Spirit is the fire in us, He’s the one that keeps us burning. And this song   by Sinach comes to mind

You are the FIRE in me

You are the power at work in me

You are my ever present helper

Holy Spirit I adore!


So, don’t be like the five silly virgins who did not have extra jars of oil, we cannot tell when the Bridegroom would return but we know it’s not too long away any more! Be sure your jars of extra oil are ready.


WRITTEN BY: Funto Ibuoye

ASK FUNTO: how do you know it’s time to start fulfilling your role in the kingdom?

ASK FUNTO: how do you know it’s time to start fulfilling your role in the kingdom?


I got this question from one of my Instagram followers recently-

Good evening Funto, hope your day went well. Okay I get we should walk in purpose and all. But what if it’s not yet time. Like what if God hasn’t given you the go ahead or you’ve not just heard the go ahead. What do you now do?

This is a very interesting question and I believe a lot of people are asking this same question.

First off, I think the first step to answering this question is to understand what purpose really is.

I believe we all want to know that we’re on the right path. And that’s what walking in purpose really implies—it’s more than a job or task. Whether your primary work is in the corporate or business world , the home, or a combination of both, we all desire the assurance and purposefulness of being able to say, “I was created for this. I’m doing what God wants me to do.” However, I’ve come to realize that that’s not really how God works.

Many times we want to know God’s will so we can set to work at tasks for God. We think of it like getting a homework assignment: “Do this, this and this, and you’re good to go.”

But guess what? pursing purpose isn’t really about what you can do for God. What God wants, beyond any accomplishment, is your heart. He wants to bring you into relationship with Him.

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is following God’s heart. It’s allowing God to fill you and work through you moment by moment, day by day. It’s about spending time in His written Word and in prayer, and allowing His Spirit to fill you and reveal truth to you.

Our purpose as Christians is to build the Kingdom of God. This is the calling of every believer, but each person has a different role in this project. God must reveal to you what your part is. Your role in His Kingdom work will utilize your natural gifts and talents, but it will also require His spirit to empower you. Your work is really impossible without Him.

So the question now is how do you know when it is time to start fulfilling your role in the kingdom?

Once you’re in tune with God’s heart and daily growing in Him, you become so connected that you understand His still, small voice directing you day by day. Psalms 37:23 says “The steps of a good man are ordered by God.”

I personally understand this. So many scenarios where I’ve experienced my steps being ordered by God. One that’s recent is about starting my Interior Design business; It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but I wasn’t sure if it was something God wanted me to do and if He’d want me to do it alongside running The Beautified Network. So for a very long while, about a year.. I kept praying and asking God about it and also taking online courses and just preparing myself while I continued to be faithful with The Beautified Network and my other duties. As time passed, God ordered my steps to take a physical training on Interior Design with an organization I’m privileged to connect with and even while I was still training He sent 3 clients my way without me doing any major advertisement.

If you aren’t sure how God is specifically directing you, then it’s important that you remain faithful in the things you are doing right now and continue to move forward in your relationship with Him. Keep moving, one step at a time; don’t get stuck at a standstill.

Finally, when it comes to God’s purpose for our lives and timing, knowing His will isn’t about a calling for our whole lives, but rather tuning in to the Author of life and allowing the story of our lives to unfold daily as we connect with Jesus, the Word. And understanding that our overall purpose is to serve God.

I am not called to be a writer; I am called to be a servant of God.

I am not called to be the founder of an initiative that helps women discover and live in the FULLNESS of their purpose. I am called to be a servant of God

I am not called to be an interior designer. I am called to be a servant of God.

I am not called to be a godly wife; I am called to be a servant of God.

In your ever day life, are you serving God? That’s the bigger question and the answer will help you understand His purpose for you and His timing.



Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?


I’m trusting God for certain things in my life at the moment and on this last day of October, as I reflect, I realize that I’ve not been totally trusting and believing God for the things I’m expecting and I’ve been trying to figure it all out by myself, and I’ve just ended up really frustrated.

Then I remember one of the entries is my book The 31 Woman Devotional titled “No Ifs.” I had to go and re-read it and just thought to share it here.

Mark 9:23 – Jesus said, “If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers. Anything can happen.”

The first time I stumbled on this verse, I literally jumped up screaming! And that is why I love The Message translation of the Bible, it’s so relatable. Jesus said – There are no ‘ifs’ among believers; anything is possible!!! Wow! That simply means anything I ask for can happen. All it takes is for me to believe. That’s why I’m a believer – I believe that anything can happen as long as it’s according to God’s will.

Sometimes as Christians, we belittle our faith to ifs – if God can give me this job; if God can heal me of this disease; if God can give me a car; if, if and if. But Jesus said “if?” like “what do you mean ‘if’? It’s not about ‘if’, it’s about you believing!”

As daughters of the Living God all that is required of us to possess all that God has given to us is to simply believe. This might seem difficult to accept because we are used to a culture where every good thing comes through hard work, so we believe that we must work hard to receive anything. But that’s a lie from hell. We don’t have to struggle to possess what belongs to us. All we need to do is to first know what belongs to us by studying the Word and then believing that everything written in the Word that belongs to us is ours already. 

The truth is, you cannot know what belongs to you if you do not study the Bible, and when you find it, the only way to receive it is by believing. Anything we can imagine that is already in the Word is ours through believing. And another word for believing is faith.

Whatever it is you have been praying about, you’ve prayed enough and God has given you your requests already but you are yet to receive them because you don’t believe that you have received them already.

So the question is do you believe?

Don’t worry, I’m asking myself the same question too and if you’re finding it hard to just believe, then like the man Jesus was talking to in the passage above, we can cry out to Jesus and simply ask Him to help our unbelief!

Written By

Funto Ibuoye

I’m just a small girl helped by a big God.



Are you clueless as to what you are truly capable of? You see other people making tremendous success and you admire them from afar as if success is meant for only a few people. Maybe you have even gone to the extent of wishing “If only I can be like her” “If only I can know God like she does,” “If only I can also think of ideas like that.”


Has God placed something in your heart? Maybe an idea to start a project, write a proposal and you are honestly just scared. The thought of doing what he has asked you to do terrifies you because it is waaaaay bigger than you. You are constantly worrying about how you’d manage it all. You don’t think anyone will listen to you or maybe you are just not qualified enough.


You have even made some progress; a little achievement here and there, but now you are coasting along, nothing new, nothing different. You are just operating according to your own frequency and ‘glorying’ in past successes when you have capacity to do more, give more, achieve more.

God is asking you, at whatever level you may be right now to Step Up step Out and Stretch.

The truth is you are capable of so much more than you are delivering presently, enough of low living, tamed visions and dwarfed goals.  God is calling women to stop playing safe and enlarge the place of their tents.

It’s time for you to stretch yourself and cover new grounds.

Join us in Abuja on Saturday October 22, 2016 for a time of fellowship as we ask for hope, faith and strength for the journey ahead.


To register send email to and further details will be sent to you.




As Christians in this walk of faith, waiting is something we would have to do at different points in our walk with God, and waiting can be a very difficult thing to do. I have had to wait for a couple of things in my life and I’m still currently waiting for some other things.

Most times, we think that we are too smart by ourselves and we don’t need to wait for God to bring us what we need at His own timing so we run ahead of Him and end up in a ditch.But while we are in a hurry, it seems God is usually not in a hurry. The Bible says He is slow at going about things. It seems He always has a plan and a purpose for everything.

The problem with waiting is not having all the details. From our perspective, we have everything figured out and we want God to move within our time frame. But God rarely does things according to our time frame, and because of this we can easily get discouraged. If we aren’t careful, we’ll think He’s uncaring or mad at us.

There are several examples of people in the bible who had to wait-

Jesus could have come and healed Lazarus when he was still alive. Instead, He waited to raise him from the dead when he was already in his grave.

God could have made David become king the day after he was anointed. Instead, He waited 15 years to rise to the throne, many of those years spent fearing for his life, hiding out and running away from his own father-in-law.

God could have spoken to Moses in the desert about sending him to help free His people from slavery 40 days after he ran away from Egypt. Instead, He made him wait for 40 long years.

God could have gotten Joseph out of prison one year after he was sentenced there. Instead, he was stuck there for 10 years before he was finally set free.

God could have given Abraham the son He promised him when he was still a young man. Instead, He waited until he was 100 years old and physically, it can be more difficult trying to conceive at that age.

God always has good reasons for making us wait. Waiting is a part of life and one of the ways God uses to develop us. He makes us wait to fulfill His call on our lives after He puts the desire and passion in our hearts to serve Him in a certain way.He makes us wait to give us the desires of our hearts, whether it’s a baby, a spouse, or a new job.He makes us wait for direction when we are stuck at a dead end and we don’t know where to go or what to do.

Three major things waiting does –

  • Waiting Reveals Our True Motives

Waiting has a way of bringing out the best and worst in people. People who don’t have good motives won’t wait long because they’re not interested in the commitment it takes to see something through. They’re too interested in short-term gains or success.Most of us have good intentions, but a lot of what we want to accomplish is an attempt to make a name for ourselves or for our own egos.

  • Waiting Transforms Our Character

Waiting has a way of rubbing off the rough edges of our lives. Most of us know the story of Moses delivering the Israelites from the Egyptians .But we hardly talk about Moses having to wait in the desert 40 years before God came to him. God used this time of waiting to transform his character because as a young man he was brash and impatient and in his impatience he killed a man and hid the body. When his sin was made public, he ran for his life and was exiled to the desert. When he was given a second chance he knew best to do it God’s way and in God’s time.

  • Waiting Builds Our Intimacy and Dependency On God

The reason we are able to read about the great men and women of the Bible is because they all had one thing in common. They were all people who learned their success in life was directly proportionate to their intimacy and dependency upon God. For them, a relationship with God wasn’t a get rich quick scheme, it was a matter of life and death.
So if God is making you wait, you can be certain that there is a very good reason for it. If He is telling you “no” today, maybe it’s because He has a better “yes” waiting for you tomorrow. Whatever it is you are waiting on God for, know that He is right beside you and that there is a purpose for it…even if that purpose is to wait.

Don’t allow your waiting period to make you hopeless about what tomorrow will bring. Instead, let it build your faith and give you even greater hope for what God has prepared for you. He made some of the greatest men and women of faith wait; don’t be discouraged if He makes you wait as well. He will come through for you, just like He came through for them.

Psalm 37: 34 – Wait passionately for God, don’t leave the path. He’ll give you your place in the sun while you watch the wicked lose it.

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Funto Ibuoye- I’m just a small girl helped by a big God!

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