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Mothers liberate your children!

Mothers liberate your children!


I remember how growing up was for me and some other children around. We would go to school as early as and wouldn’t return until around Even after spending so many hours in school, some of us would still be subjected to doing private lessons at home. The long vacations were not left out as our parents made sure we spent it all on the so called ‘summer coaching’ recycling same pattern of life.

It didn’t seem like there were other things we could learn and build on aside our academics; that was the only way to success.

I know very well that some of you can relate. My question now is this; are you putting your children through that same pattern of life or are allowing them explore other areas of life? Are you allowing you child enjoy the holidays in the real sense of the word?

You see, a child who is trained and brought up to be versatile will have little or no problem finding where his/her true passion lies. It’s really sickening that some parents cannot boldly say what particularly their child is great at, they don’t know what gifts their child has because they have clearly not observed. All they are concerned about is the grades.Don’t get me wrong. Grades are good but that’s not all there is to life.

When your children do well in sports, music, dance cheer them up. Don’t wait till the report card arrives.

Your child might not even be the best at school but there is something that he can do better than the person who took first position, but it’s up to you to help him find and build and be proud of it.

Never let your child feel unnecessarily bad because they are not the best in school. Instead encourage, correct and help. Don’t mock or yell.  That way you would also be building your child’s self-esteem.

Till I come your way again, liberate your children.

Written By :

Ozioma Anaele


Grownup but Still Treated like a Child?

Grownup but Still Treated like a Child?


You just got back from school the previous day and stayed  in bed till the next morning giving yourself a long welcome back home sleep even though it was bright already. Then you heard a loud voice calling you; it’s a voice you recognize so well and in the same tone it’s been used since you were a child.  The voice of your mother!

You hurry out of bed wondering why she stills talks to an ‘undergraduate’ you the same way she talked to a ‘primary school’ you.

This is the case of some grownups in their homes and you keep wondering what’s wrong. Some of the reasons you’re still seen as a child even when you’re grown up are:


  • You’ve not shown responsibility

You’re still always told what to do around the house even when you obviously know what to do. You still enjoy been ordered about and can’t even control your

younger siblings (if you have any).

  • You are not productive

For every season of your life, there’s a level of productivity expected of

you which you probably haven’t been exhibiting. Trust me when I say parents

respect children who are productive and to an extent can relieve them of

one or two financial burdens. Even though they can afford whatever you need, your financial independence gives them inner joy.

  • They are your parents

Your mum, dad or both parents are just like that. They may not accept change; can be quite domineering or want to control everything around the house. You’ve just got to be patient and polite with them while you keep being responsible and productive.


But if you detest being treated as a child, then you’ve got to step up your game and be an adult. Eventually they will get the point.

And to our dear mommas’ be sure to give your children the respect they deserve at every phase of their lives, they’ve got emotions too you know!


So let’s talk beautified ladies, what are the other reasons you think grownups are still treated as children in a home?

Written By

Ozioma Anaele.

I’m an undergraduate of medical biochemistry but preparing for a career in the film industry and also an upcoming tv host.




You see, that little child you refuse to train and correct today on the basis of ‘he’s still a small child’, will end up haunting and causing you sleepless night tomorrow because you’ll continue to see him as a child even while he is all grown up.

I tell people often times that parenthood is beyond feeding, providing shelter for, and clothing your child. As a parent, especially a godly one, you should be able to nurture your child to do right.

But sadly, most parents, although now what they want for the children they consciously send the wrong signals or let their emotions ruin the way the raise their children.

I will highlight a few loop holes that parent’s overlook which can affect a child’s upbringing.

First, taking up the duty of your child because they murmured over it or abruptly said they aren’t doing it is totally wrong.  At some point, every child intends to exhibit some form of silly act but it is your duty as a parent to instill discipline and not violate your morale standard. What you allow in your child today, could become a lifestyle tomorrow.

Secondly, shouting at your house help while your children watch is something I think you should reconsider doing. Doing this in the presence of your young child could make them grow up thinking being rude and screaming at older people who work for them is totally normal. You should do rather act in such a way that makes them understand that these people are there to help them and not to be treated as slaves.

Lastly, even though you have the mentality of ‘whatever belongs to me belongs to my child‘, please let them ask for your consent before taking it. I’ve been with people who see taking things that belong to their roommate or friend without asking for it is totally normal and I think it started from their homes.

So tell me what those acts you think are overlooked by parents are, which go a long way in forming some of the value system of that child child.

Written By

Ozioma Anaele

Before you believe the public, listen to your child!

Before you believe the public, listen to your child!


“She thought I was lying”

That was the response a lady gave after I asked questions concerning the molestation she experienced as a kid.  When I asked her what her mum’s reaction was when she finally summoned the courage to open up  two years ago, after her being molested by her aunt, her reply hurt me.

To her mum and family she was a liar and her aunt was a saint incapable of doing such. I’m still wondering how a five year old would have been able to fabricate such.

Hello young mothers, how many times have you made your little child feel like a liar when they’re trying to share an experience with you? How long will you continue to dash their hopes that you’ll always have their back as their mum?

If you continue that way, they’re going to stop talking and start keeping to themselves and someday you will complain that your child never tells you anything, forgetting that you once pushed him away without realizing.

The worst thing that can happen to any mother is your child seeing you as just a means through which he came to this world, a cook, maid and every other thing that’s easily replaceable rather than as a confidant, best friend, soul mate and one who they easily bond with. For every time you show your child that you don’t trust him, you are giving that child every reason to grow without you and you know what that means.

But I know you can get it right. Your children can and should trust you, they should be able to tell you any and everything, let your children know that you’re always going to believe and guide them aright. You should train your kids in such a way that even when they are grown up, they would find very difficult doing something they can’t tell you about.

You don’t want to be lost in your child’s world. No matter how little a child is, they have emotions.

So before you believe the public, listen to your child!

Written By

Ozioma Anaele.

I’m an undergraduate of medical biochemistry but preparing for a career in the film industry and also an upcoming tv host.

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