I know I have not been a faithful blogger, but that’s not to mean that I have not been a faithful writer. I realize that I write more posts on my Instagram page than I do on this blog. I would work on changing that.

Here’s a post I shared on Instagram a few days back and I thought that it would be nice to post it here as well..

I am a queen. I have absolutely no doubt about that and I wear my crown with pride daily, even though it’s invisible.

We live in a world where women are not only compelled to compete with men, but they have also been deceived into competing with other women

I strongly believe that there is a queen in every woman, but it’s a pity that not every woman is aware of this. As queens, our crowns are custom made, made only to suit its owner. Don’t worry about me taking your crown because it won’t fit, just focus on making sure yours doesn’t fall. And if it falls, be sure to pick it up and put it back in its place.

I was reading the book of Joel the other day and chapter 2 just hit me like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Verses 7 and 8  –

“7 The invaders charge. They climb barricades. Nothing stops them. Each soldier does what he’s told, so disciplined, so determined. 8 They don’t get in each other’s way. Each one knows his job and does it. Undaunted and fearless, unswerving, unstoppable.” (MSG)

See verse 8? – They don’t get in each other’s way. Another translation says “they don’t break their ranks”! I know that I am a part of this army!

As queens and daughters (or in this case, soldiers ) of the Most High, when we do what He sends us to do with discipline and determination to fulfil all we were sent to do, there’s no way we would be getting in each other’s way or trying to take the other’s crown. When we understand that we are all queens in our own lanes and we know our job description and we are focused on doing just that, there will be no breaking of ranks, no jealousy, trying to pull each other down or any of those petty things.  Rather we will be working together as a force, taking over nations, building dynasties – undaunted, fearless and unstoppable.

So dear queen, please rest. It is not a competition. I cannot wear your crown even if you handed it to me, because it will not fit. Just make sure yours sits well on your head and if it falls sometime, you can be sure I’d be willing to help you pick it up and place it back where it belongs.


2 thoughts on “Queen

  1. I feel so guilty. I get so jealous and feel like Is she the only one and all dt. I feel so lonely and therez dis space dt is empty and then its like God is not there and am all alone. And i get so angry wif masef cos am not wia am suppose to be. Angry about alot of things. But now i understand better. God is so God. Only that i need to stay at ma duty post(Calling/Purpose) and do ma part. I pray Purpose gets clearer for me. Am here to encourage you, to post Well, Am blessed. I am a queen!!!

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