So it’s 2015 and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I started this blog and I need to post as often as possible; though my goal for the year is to have one blog post monthly unless the Spirit leads otherwise.

Just incase you’re asking, the purpose of this blog is to inspire young women live a life beauty embedded in three major pillars- Purity, Purpose and passion.

I came up with an acronym definition¬†for what it really means to be beautified and that’s what you’d be reading in the following lines…

BEAUTIFUL – be beautiful; let there be an unexplainable glow about you that makes people love you effortlessly

EXCELLENT- be sure to do everything with excellence. If you won’t give it your best, don’t bother doing it.

ADMIRABLE- be a person worthy of admiration; let people, both old and young admire and aspire to be like you.

UNIQUE – be you! Nobody can be you-er than you. Stand out in your own way. You can’t make a difference if you’re not different.

TALENTED- don’t bury your talent. Whatever your talent is, be sure to use it to bless people and glorify God.

INTELLIGENT- don’t be a beauty without brains. It’s important to know everything about something and something about everything.

FAVOURED – the only way to be truly favored is to be in tune with God’s grace. Beauty without grace is useless.

INSPIRING – let everything you do and say inspire others to think, speak and act positively.

EXCEPTIONAL – be so good at what you do that kings and nations from afar will come seeking for you.

DELIGHTFUL – be full of joy and pleasant; nobody likes to be around someone who’s always moody. Laugh. Play. Rejoice

This definition actually sums up what my entire life is about; BEAUTIFIED is who I am and so here’s my challenge to you this new year- would you be BEAUTIFIED?

Happy 2015!!

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