Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

A very dear one to my heart released a couple of songs a few days ago and even though I got to listen to both songs before they were released ( wife benefits :D)  I did not really listen to the lyrics especially of the song titled ‘Work In Progress’ until after it was released and it inspired this post.

We are all work in progress… we all have stories in our past and maybe in our present too that we are not so proud to tell. I don’t claim to be perfect, I’m not even anywhere near perfection, I still have a handful of flaws that God is helping me get rid of, but I’ve realized that sometimes God wont wipe away all our flaws in a twinkle; even though we are brand new when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, those flaws are still there and we have to deal with it daily. I believe that this happens so we can help others who might be dealing with the same struggles.

Remember Paul in the bible, he asked God to take away his flaw three times but God said His grace was sufficient. And that’s exactly what grace means- that we are work in progress. It’s because of His grace that God can look into our hearts and see past the sin and filth. It’s because of grace that our accuser the devil cannot get a hold on us. His grace is sufficient to help us overcome our struggles and daily deny our flesh.

The amazing thing about God is that He hardly uses anyone who is perfect. Remember when Jesus was about to start His Ministry, He did not go to the church to pick 12 priests who would be His disciples, He chose men on the streets who were nothing close to being holy such as Matthew who was a tax collector and tax collectors were extortionists and known for living excessive immoral lives; but did Matthew suddenly become a saint after Jesus told him to follow Him?

Dear one shared a series of tweets about the story behind the song and I have shared them below. I hope it inspires you and helps you realize that no matter your struggle, God is still working in you and He’s not done with you yet.

I hope I can find good time to do this kinda thing often. You know; share a bit of any of my experiences so far with you. #BehindTheSong

Anyway, like I promised, I’m sharing the story behind one of the songs we released yday with you & that starts right away. #BehindTheSong

Yesterday we released #Gbàgbé_òshì and #WorkInProgress and the response as always, has been rather great! #BehindTheSong

The inspiration for #Gbàgbé_òshì came via a blackberry DP. Yes, a DP! I just saw it and was like, OMO.. THIS IS A SONG! #BehindTheSong

I was returning from Sports complex, passed inside Fajuyi hall, & then just before getting to Faj Annex it started raining #BehindTheSong

Heavy rain oh, so I was stuck by the tuck shop close to Faj annex cos that’s where the shade ended. #BehindTheSong

So while waiting for the rain to subside, the devil started taunting me, you know, accusations in my mind. #BehindTheSong

What was his tool? Pornography. #BehindTheSong

You see, 3 years before I got into the Uni, while I was still a nominal Christian, I had gotten hooked on pornography. #BehindTheSong

Not the straight up ‘blue films’ but the late night 16, 18, R18 movies on DSTV (thank God they’ve stopped considerably). #BehindTheSong

Late 2003 I turned a new leaf, started living for God, and so what used to be fun & without guilt was now a struggle! #BehindTheSong

There were nights I’d ‘fall’ and couldn’t pray the next morning. Would take me hours or even days to get back on track. #BehindTheSong

Sometimes I’d stay away for a long while & be happy with myself, & then one night in a house with DSTV I’d fall again. #BehindTheSong

It was just frustrating. Really, really frustrating! #BehindTheSong

So I’d gotten into OAU ife and would expectedly be free for long periods as TV nor dey. #BehindTheSong

But I think some days before this night under the rain, I’d gone visiting a relative in town and had fallen yet again. #BehindTheSong

So this night na, the devil attacked my mind so much I almost felt like a useless Christian that could never get it right #BehindTheSong

Then from nowhere, I sensed the Holy Spirit comforting me, saying I’d come a long way and was making remarkable progress. #BehindTheSong

He prompted me to sing what He was telling me, & to sing it AT the devil. This was weird cos I usually sat down to compose #BehindTheSong

But He kept at it; prompting me on and on, to just sing it with whatever melody came to my mind.. #BehindTheSong

And BAM! I just started singing the exact words and melody you probably have heard in the chorus of #WorkInProgress #BehindTheSong

“I may not be where I’m supposed to be, but I’m not where I used to, I know… (cont’d)” #BehindTheSong

“… I am work in progress and He Who’s working on me is not done with me yet.” #BehindTheSong

Those were the words on that night in 2006, and they remained the same until we released the complete song yesterday. #BehindTheSong

So that song wasn’t just composed cos I want to encourage folks, it came at one of my low points & strengthened me BIG TIME #BehindTheSong

I pray it liberates anyone struggling with a sin, weight, character flaw or whatsoever it is, choking your growth in God. #BehindTheSong

You can listen and download the song here- …

Stay Beautified!

6 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. amen … forgiving myself, never been easy at all, cos i hate to fail, but by his Grace, its getting better. im not where i used to be…

  2. amen … forgiving myself, never been easy at all, cos i hate to fail, but by his Grace, its getting better. im not where i used to be… im getting there

  3. Hmmmm I really Thank God for mercies, wondering where i would v been. The devil tot he had me but My Lord turned all around. Thanks am blessed.

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