Recently, I’ve been meditating on some specific life issues especially on the subject of leadership. Thankfully, these moments of meditation have been highlighted with quite pictorial and familiar illustrations. One of such that I’ll share with you here speaks to the indispensability of “heat” in the making of the leader.

Interestingly, NOW, everybody wants to lead! Young men and women like never before covet and crave the grace, affluence and influence of older men and women who are established in leadership. This is commendable. In fact, whosoever desires to lead desires an honorable thing. However, it is quite ironic that only a few are prepared to pay the price required. Many simply desire wonderful destinations without the any readiness to go through and endure the rigor of the journey. But we can’t aspire for outstanding results while we wish away the disciplines that birthed them, can we? The truth is clear, nothing great is ever accomplished without an altar of sacrifice where the pain is often commensurate with the gain.

So, let’s take some cues from the poultry on the making of the leader.

In a world where there are many eggs, the leader egg is a different kind from a different bird.  While other eggs, some even from the same kind of bird, will find satisfaction on plates either in wholes, bits or whipped into ingredients in a variety of meals, the leader egg lives for a different mandate- to birth and give life to other eggs. So while others can choose to live as they please, for the leader, meaning in life can only begin when her life is consciously driven not to end with her. But before the “leader egg” can hatch and be raised to birth and give life to other eggs, it must first endure the heat of incubation.

As a leader in training, God will brood on you both directly and under decided authorities till you hatch by exposing you to certain degrees of heat over time. To do this He will confiscate your will, wean you from self, breakdown your defenses, repair your character traits and incorrect ideologies, restrict your movement, slow your pace when and where He deems fit, and then sit on you for the period of time He determines. Most times, He will also bring you into the company of other eggs going through the same process so that through fellowship you may stay in the heat, remain encouraged and hatch about the same time. And even when you hatch, a new process of preparation begins.

Sista, the call to leadership is first a call to self-denial and correct discipleship. It is good that you desire to lead but you must prepare to go through the ‘heat’. The searchlight is on this generation for female leaders who will live out Kingdom-focused leadership in various works of life, deliver outstanding results, shatter gender boundaries, and raise an army of leaders after them. If you sign up, He will gladly do a lasting work through you. But, are you ready for heat?

Written by:

Deborah Adeojo.  Writer, Speaker, Worship leader, Feminist and Communications professional in a romantic relationship with Jesus.


4 thoughts on “READY FOR THE HEAT?

  1. “the call to leadership is first a call to self-denial and correct discipleship”
    Absolutely got that
    Thanks ma’am

  2. Wow, God bless you Deborah Adeojo, hmmmm..this speaks to me in so many ways than you can imagine. More inspiration to your mind. God bless you.

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