Indeed we live in a HIGHLY sexualized society and since we are discussing sexual purity today, I’d like to start from the author of sex, God.

God created sex and gave sex as a gift to be enjoyed between a husband and wife and within that committed relationship, sex is part of the glue that holds a marriage together but outside the boundaries of marriage, sexual relations are wrong and ultimately destructive. Therefore, the call of God to all of us, is the high call to sexual purity in all things.

There are so many challenges we face in our day whether single or married, child or adult and I just want to point out some of the obvious facts about our world now.

  1. Through the Internet the vilest forms of pornography are now easily available to everyone including young children.
  2. Homosexuality is now seen as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.
  3. Some churches now have openly gay clergy.
  4. We routinely see things on television or via any form of media that would have shocked us some years ago.
  5. Nothing really surprises us anymore. We’ve seen it all … and seen it so often we’ve lost our ability to be shocked. Adultery … premarital sex … group sex … lesbianism … pornography on our social media timelines, x-rated movies on TV … easy divorce … multiple marriages … quick abortions … incest … child abuse … bestiality … teen pregnancy … gay churches… radical sex education the list goes on and on.

Even the children are not left out. Kids in these days are growing up in a far different world than the one we grew up in.

They see more than we ever saw as children. They know more than we ever knew as children. And they see it and know it much earlier. It’s a major battle for their purity. And to be honest, sometimes I really am just scared thinking about how I’d raise my children in this world.

So what really is purity about?

Purity is not primarily about sex.

Purity is not primarily about what you do or don’t do.

Purity is not primarily about what you watch or read or what you say.

Purity is about God!

My personal definition of purity is loving God so much that you can’t imagine doing anything that will not honour Him. Purity is the personal decision to glorify God with your body, soul and spirit! So many times when we talk about purity, we put it in terms of dos and don’ts. Should I read this book? Is it wrong to see this movie? Is this blouse too revealing? Should I listen to this music? Those are legitimate questions, but they are secondary to the real issue.

The real question is not “Would I enjoy this?” or “Do I need this?” but “Will this honor God?” “Will it honor God for me to read this book?” “Will God be glorified if I date this person?” “Does watching this movie dishonor the Lord?” “Will I reflect badly on the Lord if I wear this dress?”

God has a stake in your moral purity. He has called you to purity, and he is greatly glorified when you walk in purity. Purity means living so that God’s reputation is enhanced by your personal choices. Purity comes with a high price tag. And the devil will fight you every step of the way. It’s not just lust that he uses against us. It’s the shame and guilt of what we’ve done, and the whispered fear. “What if others knew what you’ve been doing?” So we live in the shadowy realm of fear, worried that someone will find out the truth about us, desperately hoping for a way out. We will not get better until we decide to do whatever it takes to be pure before the Lord.

You can’t have clean hands until you decide to wash off the dirt. For most of us, purity will be a lifelong struggle and a battle that never ends. We will wrestle with the world, the flesh and the devil until the day we die. And sometimes we will fail. That’s a given. But by God’s grace we can get up and walk again. Purity is worth it because the pure in heart see God. They know him deeply, personally, intimately.

They have an inner peace that others do not have. They see God and know the comfort of his presence and the joy of his blessing. Purity will cost you a great deal, but it’s one investment you will never regret. When we walk in purity, God is greatly glorified and we are greatly satisfied.

So how do we do it?  I’m sure sometimes we feel as though there is no hope … that our society is so sexually charged that there is no way to turn the tide.

It’s true that our society is so sexualized but we must not surrender. There is hope. You can walk in purity. You can raise children who walk in integrity.

The Lord is with us. The Holy Spirit empowers us. So how do we really stay pure?


Two major ways I know..

  1. Guard your heart. Proverbs 4:23 says Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

How do we guard our hearts?

By taking note of the things we see and the things we hear… Our eyes and ears are the gateways to our hearts.

Psalm 119:37 says, “Turn my eyes away from worthless things.”

Some people say It’s okay to look at a woman with lustful thoughts. It’s just eye candy.

This is how the enemy works. Candy is meant to be eaten. First you eye the candy, then you eat it.

And then it destroys you. Because it wasn’t really candy.

Everything you do in life starts from your heart.


  1. Flee. Flee from youthful lusts(II Timothy 2:22).

Many times the Bible tells to stand and fight, but when lust knocks at the door, we have only one command from the Lord: Flee! Run for your life!

Don’t wait, don’t even think about it. Find God’s “way of escape” (I Corinthians 10:13), and use it.

Fleeing may mean that you discontinue your Internet service, un-subscribe to DSTV , block certain people from your social media etc. When it comes to this area, truth is we are weak, that’s why God says “Run!” The devil is smarter and stronger than we are. He knows our weak points, and he knows our weak moments.  He’s got our fatal flaws all figured out. In your own strength, you are no match for the devil.

When temptation comes, in the form of a questionable website, a conversation you shouldn’t be having, a book or a movie or a music video that does not honor the Lord,  an invitation that you know you should not accept, don’t wait, don’t hesitate don’t look around to see if anyone is watching. Flee!

Turn off the TV.  Turn off the radio. Put down the book. Say no to the invitation.

Don’t listen to the joke, don’t pursue the illicit friendship, don’t re-read the DM

don’t reply the email, and don’t click on that link that leads you to a porn website. FLEE. Just FLEE!

Perhaps you have already blown it so badly that you feel there is no hope for you.

Perhaps you have not been faithful to your husband or wife, and you wonder, “What’s the use?” Maybe you were promiscuous in your younger days or possibly before you came to Christ. It may be that you have burning memories of recent moral failure. Is there any hope for you or must you remained stained and soiled for life? I have two answers to that question. The first is that sin always brings negative consequences. Nothing I can say will change that fact. And some sins bring large consequences that last for a lifetime. However, the second thing is that Jesus has something he wants to say to you- “Rise and walk!”

You can’t do a thing to change the past, and it’s a waste of time to try.

However, you can do something about the future. By God’s grace you can be clean and pure from this day forward.  You don’t have to live in guilt or fear or shame any longer. Just rise from the pit of shame and guilt the enemy has kept you in and walk in purity through grace.



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