Good Morning Beautiful,

Are you ready to declare newness into your life?


Today, I declare in the name of Jesus that God makes all things new for me. The Lord does new blessings for me and I decree that it springs forth speedily, hastily, quickly and without warning. The Lord gives me a new spirit and a renewed mind to fulfill purpose. I decree that God’s faithfulness is new to me every morning.

I receive new mercy as I step out today. I function with a new wisdom and knowledge. I am a harbinger of generational blessings. I receive the wisdom for new horizon. It is the dawn of a new day for me. I attain new level of greatness. I decree that my latter days are greater and better than my beginning. I decree that the Lord is my everlasting light and I shall not mourn over anything/anyone that has my name on it.

My past is gone, my sins are wiped off and the finished work of Christ severe me from every condemnation. I enjoy to maximum the redemption package of God for me. Everything Christ died for me to enjoy becomes apparent in my life. All things are made brand new for me in Jesus name.I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.

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