Good Morning Beautified Lady,

We pray that as you speak these words into your life Heaven will back them up

Father in the name of Jesus, I decree and I declare that the double doors are opened unto me. I decree that you shall show me the right path and point out the road for me to follow. Therefore, I am not misguided on where to go because I shall hear a voice saying to me always, this is the way, walk there in. I decree that in every area of my life, the Lord upholds me with his faithfulness and unfailing love. I decree that i live in prosperity and my children shall inherit the land.

In the name of Jesus I decree and declare over me and my household that the Lord shall restore, support, and strengthen us, and he will place us on a firm foundation. I decree that I am prosperous and I shall grow in wealth. My mind is renewed with the word of God, therefore, I meditate on it day and night, I live in total obedience to the word and my prosperity shall appear to all men and I have success with undeniable proofs.

I decree over my life that I am connected to the supernatural therefore I am not bothered by the heat, famine or economic downturn. My leaves stay green and they never stop producing fruits. This season I decree that when men are cast down I will be lifted up, I will rise and shine for my light is come.

The Lord opens to me this season doors that no one can shut and He shuts every door of impediments over my destiny. Now is the appointed time for God to heal all my wounds whether financial, physical, spiritual or otherwise. The Lord shall give me prosperity and true peace. The Lord shall restore every of my lost fortunes and rebuild my life and household for better. The Lord cleanses me from my sins, blots out every written ordinance against me and forgives all my iniquities. I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.

Have a splendid day!

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