Are you ready to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH?

Are you ready to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH?


There is nothing more heartbreaking than living life below God’s expectations for you because you want to play safe and be comfortable. It doesn’t make any sense.

A number of us are clueless as to what we are truly capable of. We see other people making tremendous success and we admire from afar. As if success is meant for only a few people. We even go to the extent of wishing “If only I can be like her,” “If only I can know God like she does,” or “If only I can also think of ideas like that.”

Stop it.

Maybe your own situation is different.  You are wallowing deep in habitual sin and it is weighing you down. You seem to be sinking more and more and you know you need help. You can’t achieve much because there’s so much clutter in your life and mind. You are just moving in circles.

It’s time to step out into light and the fullness of all that awaits you in God.

Before you were born, God called you great, everything is ready. All that is missing is You.

Now you don’t stop once you have stepped out. You need to STRETCH. Every time you achieve something new, you should dream again and this time, it should be bigger than before.

Don’t be complacent and remain in one place while you glory in past successes. Enough is enough, you have dwelt too long on this level. There is a higher place, there’s something more.

Stretching is hard and painful, you will be tempted to resist it, but if you don’t give up, the results are amazing.

God is calling you to Step Up, Step Out and Stretch… in your career, family, marriage, ministry, academics, and in your walk with him.

This event is going to be nothing like any we’ve had before, so join us in Abuja.

To register, send an email to and further details will be sent to you.

See you in Abuja!


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