Hello Queen,

How are you doing? Do you know that it doesn’t matter what is going on around you, God has already promised to establish and guide you?

Today’s confession is all about re-affirming our safety in Christ!

Today I decree that God is my refuge and strength; always helping me in times of trouble. So I shall not fear when earthquakes come and when the mountains crumble into the sea. The Lord puts my enemies beneath my feet. God has redeemed my life and has snatched me from the power of the grave. The joy of salvation is apparent in me. The Lord looks upon me with favour and sends me help from His holy hill. The Lord rebuilds and decorates my destiny. Just like Sarah, the Lord shall cause all those who have laughed at me to laugh with me. Everything that the wicked has set against me for my destruction, the Lord turns it around for my good and they bring me honey. The Lord is my helper and He keeps me alive to fulfill destiny in grand-style.

I am not overwhelmed with trouble because even when I pass through the fire I shall not be burned neither shall I smell like flame. As for me and my household, we shall sing about the power of God and every morning we shall sing with joy about God’s unfailing love.All that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him. God is my rock and my salvation, my fortress therefore I shall not be shaken. The Lord gives me victory and honour on all sides. God is my refuge and my rock where no enemy can reach me. God has spoken and I have heard Him many times that Power belongs to Him. Because God has spoken, any and every other speaker over my life is a noise maker and late comer.

Those plotting to destroy me shall come to ruin. They shall go down into the depths of the earth. They shall die by the sword and become the food of jackals. The Lord quiets every raging oceans and all pounding waves over my destiny.

Have a beautiful day!

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