It’s a beautiful morning and we are breaking yokes with the backing of Heaven. Are you ready to speak with authority?

Well, here you go.

Today I speak over my life that the Lord shall vindicate me; he shall fulfill his purpose concerning me and perfect all that concerns me. The Lord is my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer. The Lord is my shield and I take refuge in Him; He subdues people and nations under me.My children shall be like plants nurtured in their youth and they shall be like corner pillars that are carved in the palace style.My storehouses shall be full, supplying all kinds of produce; my flocks shall increase by thousands and tens of thousands in my open fields.The work of my hands shall increase and fatten. There will be no mishap, failures or cry of distress around me.

My mouth shall continually declare the praises of God. The Lord satisfies me with the best of the bests this season. When the wicked take counsel together, it shall be thwarted; when they speak concerning me or anything that has my name on it, it shall not stand: for God is with us.I and the children whom the LORD has given me are for signs and wonders therefore we do exploit. The Lord increases my gladness. Eyes have not seen, hears have not heard, it has not entered the heart of any man the things that God is doing (set to do) for me. Every burden is lifted from my shoulder and every evil yoke over my destiny is broken because of the anointing.I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.

Have a blessed day!

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