I saw a movie recently about a beautiful young lady married to a young handsome guy who were married and had 2 kids. They were wealthy and had all that money could buy the best of designer outfits and the best of cars and houses. Her friends envied her because to them she hit the “JACKPOT” when she married her husband. She had the best of everything they were dying to have. Unknown to her friends and her family, her husband was a drug lord and a murderer, hence the source of his immense wealth and she knew because she ran the business with him and cleaned any mess he left behind.

There was a time she tried to tell her best friend how unhappy she was but her friend brushed it aside saying with all the money she had, nothing should make her unhappy. She lived in perpetual fear of her husband, and the law catching up with him because of his heinous crimes and because she would go down with him and their children would suffer for it.

Recently I read an article about how Celebrities spend hours doing hair, makeup and the likes before going out, and if they want to go somewhere and don’t want the world to know, they have to take several detours and change cars, a journey of maybe 30mins takes hours all in an effort to ditch the paparazzi and if they are lucky enough the world. No privacy, limited freedom to do whatever because the world is watching. Have you ever wondered why a celeb makes a mistake and the whole world calls for their head while an average Joe makes the same mistake and no one hears? I bet some of them see fame as more of a burden than a blessing sometimes.

Don’t be quick to envy other people’s lives, the ones that look perfect might not be and if it truly is, then a lot of work has been done to get to where they are. You have no idea what a person did to get to where they are or what they are doing to maintain it. Be happy with what you have now and continue working to where you want to be, enjoy the present it goes away too fast, enjoy now on your way to the future you want. Don’t pressure your husband to get you something just because your friend has it.

Be satisfied with what he can provide now. If you are not happy with the level your husband is you should pray for him and help him become better. Never critcize him.Remember, godliness with contentment is great gain and they that compare themselves with themselves are not wise.

Contentment sometimes is being happy alone with yourself and not being in a bad relationship because you don’t want to be alone, contentment also means working through the challenges in your relationship or marriage instead of ditching your partner for someone who you think has more to offer. Proves right the phrase I have heard before “If the grass looks green on the other side, it is because was watered”. Water your own garden so you can eat from it when the time is right, you will reap from it.

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Written By Jesuseun Adebo. Worshipper, writer and a blogger who is passionate about impacting lives in unusual ways. Read more of her work here

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  1. True and wise words ma’am.
    In addition, Contentment is “not” not aspiring for better things. Contentment is having a healthy and positive attitude towards a current situation.
    God bless ma’am.

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