Whoop! It’s day 30 of our 31 days of confessions already! We are super excited. If you have been following the confessions we will want to know what you think.

It’s time for our confessions

Today I decree that men of stature shall come over to me and they shall be mine; they shall follow me, they shall come over in chains and bow down to me. They shall confess to me: God is indeed with me, and there is no other God.The Lord shall bear me up even in old age;the Lord will make me, and carry me; He shall bear and save me.God’s plan for my life shall take place, and His will concerning me shall be fulfilled.The Lord teaches me to profit and leads me in the way I should go. My peace shall be like a river, and my righteousness like the waves of the sea.My descendants shall be as countless as the sand, and the offspring of my body shall be like grains; the names of my offspring shall not be cut off or eliminated from the presence of God.

Even when I thirst in the midst of the deserts; God shall make water flow for me from the rock. God will answer me in a time of favor, and He shall help me in the day of salvation. The Lord shall keep me and He shall appoint me to be a covenant for the people, to restore my lineage (generation), to make them possess the desolate inheritances.I shall not hunger or thirst, the scorching heat or sun shall not strike me. Because I am inscribed on the palms of God, I am neither forsaken nor forgotten.Kings shall be my foster fathers and their queens my nursing mothers. They shall bow down to me with their faces to the ground and lick the dust at my feet. The Lord shall make my oppressors eat their own flesh and they shall be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine. The Lord shall contend with the one who contends with me, and shall save my children.I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.

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