You see, that little child you refuse to train and correct today on the basis of ‘he’s still a small child’, will end up haunting and causing you sleepless night tomorrow because you’ll continue to see him as a child even while he is all grown up.

I tell people often times that parenthood is beyond feeding, providing shelter for, and clothing your child. As a parent, especially a godly one, you should be able to nurture your child to do right.

But sadly, most parents, although now what they want for the children they consciously send the wrong signals or let their emotions ruin the way the raise their children.

I will highlight a few loop holes that parent’s overlook which can affect a child’s upbringing.

First, taking up the duty of your child because they murmured over it or abruptly said they aren’t doing it is totally wrong.  At some point, every child intends to exhibit some form of silly act but it is your duty as a parent to instill discipline and not violate your morale standard. What you allow in your child today, could become a lifestyle tomorrow.

Secondly, shouting at your house help while your children watch is something I think you should reconsider doing. Doing this in the presence of your young child could make them grow up thinking being rude and screaming at older people who work for them is totally normal. You should do rather act in such a way that makes them understand that these people are there to help them and not to be treated as slaves.

Lastly, even though you have the mentality of ‘whatever belongs to me belongs to my child‘, please let them ask for your consent before taking it. I’ve been with people who see taking things that belong to their roommate or friend without asking for it is totally normal and I think it started from their homes.

So tell me what those acts you think are overlooked by parents are, which go a long way in forming some of the value system of that child child.

Written By

Ozioma Anaele

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