Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Not sure I’d find anyone. Most of us spend so much money buying powder, foundations, lipsticks and other fashion items just  to make sure we slay, but how many of us pay attention to our minds?

Not so many people. Well today, I’m going to give us three sure fire ways of making sure our mind is as pretty as our face. Ready?

A Beautiful Mind Can Only be Built in Christ!

Only Jesus Christ can help us build a mind of beauty. He is the definition of beauty inside-out hence it’s only wisdom to learn how to build a beautiful mind from Beauty, Himself.

Christ helps us renew our minds, making it conform to His word thereby leading us to living a transformed life. (Romans12:2)

If you desire to have a mind that radiates beauty even to your outer man, then there are no two ways to it. You need Christ! Only Him can aid a beautified mind build-up!

You need to have a WORKing WALK with Him. And He’ll help you in your “Beauty- Mind building” Course. *winks*


This is another important factor to a Beautiful mind build- up.

You ALWAYS have to CONSCIOUSLY say no to negativity!

It’s has to be positive vibes only all the time! We must be mindful of the kind of things that enter our minds through what we see, hear and speak. We must guard the doorways to our minds at all times, filtering out every negativity and giving room to only positivity.

We must consciously filter out negative songs, ideas, concepts as they do not help in the build up of a beautiful mind. I say consciously because there will be times you are not into all thee positive talk but you must not let it get to you.


Yes! Just as we tend to invest so much on the things we wear and use to accessorize our body, it is imperative that we also invest in our minds.

I’m sure you’re wondering how to do this. Well, one way to is by investing in books! Good books! Books that edify. The more you read, the more enlightened you are.. The more enlightened you are, the more beautiful your mind becomes.

One of my favourite quotes goes thus:

What distinguishes Man A from Man B asides Grace is information

You cannot afford to be ignorant of some certain things as a lady. Books are carriers of information. Good books are carriers of good information that can help build up a beautiful mind.

I’ll stop here for this post but feel free to suggest other ways by which we can build up a beautified mind in the comment section,


Igbukolu Tobechukwu

 Mass communicator, cinematographer and writer. I am the very visual representation of God’s love and I 
have a passion for getting the message of God’s love and grace to people around the world. 


  1. A beautiful mind is one dominated by the higher thoughts of God, thoughts only take root in our minds, so Paul urged us in Philippines 4:8 to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, praiseworthy and things of virtue.

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