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Why a personal brand is important and three ways to get it.

Why a personal brand is important and three ways to get it.


When people hear your name or see your picture, what thought would you like to come to their mind? What would you like people to associate you with? This is what a personal brand is about.

Personal Branding, is the unique nature, design, character, trait, reputation that belongs to a person. It is how you want others to see you, how you portray yourself and what you want to be known for.

It is that thing that you would love people to say about you, when they see your picture or hear your name.  When you hear Funto Ibuoye, what do you think? ‘Purpose, God lover, Worth/ Value’. When you hear Tara Fela- Durotoye, you think ‘Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Makeup’ e.t.c. that is their brand, it is how they have portrayed themselves for people to see. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with their career.

Some people have a personal brand without even knowing but this can be dangerous, especially if its a negative brand.

Personal branding has to do with how you see or carry yourself and how you can appreciate yourself for who God created you to be. You can’t really be the person God created you to be if you don’t appreciate and see yourself the way God sees you.

So, I guess the next question is how do I build a personal brand, how do I portray myself the way God wants me to be seen?

  1. Realize that you are your own unique self.

You don’t have to be like somebody else. You don’t have to look like anybody else. God made you the way you are with the face you have, body you have, character and behaviour. The Bible says “You know me inside out, You know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something” (Psalm 139:15, Msg), this goes to show how special you are. You have to learn to accept you. You don’t need to compare yourself with any other person but Jesus. Apart from your character the only other character traits you need are in Jesus, so LOVE & ACCEPT yourself. Strong personal brands have to be true to the personality involved. Don’t try to portray yourself in a way that you are not. You personal brand should be unique to you.

  1. Discover your strengths & weakness

You need to identify your areas of strengths and weakness. Everyone has something they are good at but if you don’t identify yours you may envy someone else. Discover your strength, develop it and become a better you.  Find ways to work on your weaknesses too, you don’t want them crushing the great personal brand you have built.

  1. Develop your Self confidence.

A good personal brand isn’t to be able to portray yourself well, you need to have self confidence. You need to be confident in the woman God has made and called you to be. This comes with discovering yourself, believing who God made you to be and accepting that person.


Written By Feyisayo Daramola a twenty-one year old Chemical Engineer, a God lover and aspiring speaker. I’m interested in women and youth development. I love smiling and putting smiles on people’s faces. I’m also an avid reader and newbie at writing.






Hi beautified ladies, we all made it to the last Friday of 2016, whoop whoop!!

We hope it’s been an amazing year for all of us and the inspiring posts shared on the blog has been of tremendous value for your time.

As we draw the curtains of 2016 to a close, God wants us to know and believe that He is the one that knows the end of a thing from the very beginning. Meaning He knows what the end of 2017 looks like for each of us even before we step into the year. The more reason why we need to lean on Him more than ever for strength and guidance.

That leads us to the book of this month – A FRESH ANOINTING BY KENNETH HAGIN.

There’s nothing as important for Christians today as to be full of God’s word and the Spirit of God for ourselves. The time of following man-made plans and formulas has long passed. We need God’s word in our hearts and the anointing of God upon our lives so we can prosper in every thing we do.

As God anointed the prophets, priests and kings with oil in the Old Testament, He is still anointing all believers with His Holy Spirit to go into all the world, to preach the Gospel, to witness about Him, and to be New Testament kings and priests unto Him.

Believers won’t be able to be full reservoirs for God’s glory without the anointing of God upon their lives. We need to be anointed by the Holy Spirit so that everything we do will prosper as we fulfill God’s plan for our individual lives.

God wants us to continually receive a fresh anointing so we won’t be empty cisterns. To achieve this, we have to be:

  1. Full of God’s word.

The word of God is to dwell and live in us.

“Colossians 3:16- Let the word of God DWELL in you RICHLY in all WISDOM.”

God’s word is to dwell in us not in a small degree but richly. Just like a dry sponge placed in a bowl of water soaks up all the water it can, we are to ‘soak up’ the word of God and get it into our spirits. Then if we are touched by any circumstances of life, the word of God will flow out of us like water out of a sponge.

Soak up the Word until you’re so full that if you get touched on any side by any difficulty, the Word of God flows out. If you get touched by persecution, the Word comes out.

The word of God is to dwell in us richly in all wisdom because we need wisdom to know how to rightly divide the Word of God so we can apply it correctly in our lives. The Word of Christ dwells in some people, all right, but they have no wisdom as to apply it in its proper context. They misuse and abuse the Word by taking it out of context, and use it to say things it doesn’t say. The word of God is to dwell in us richly in ALL WISDOM.

  1. Full of the Spirit.

“Romans 12:11 – Not slothful in business, FERVENT IN SPIRIT, serving the Lord.”

Other translations say “Be glowing in Spirit”, “Have your Spirit glow”, “Be on fire with the Spirit”, “Be aglow with the Spirit”, “Be aglow and burning with the Spirit”, “Maintain the Spiritual glow”.

To be fervent in Spirit or be aglow with the Spirit involves both your spirit and the Holy Spirit; it’s not all up to the Holy Spirit. God wants us to stay filled with the Spirit so we can maintain the Spiritual glow of the Spirit.

  1. Know and stay in God’s will for you.

“Ephesians 5:17 – Wherefore be ye not unwise, but UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE WILL OF THE LORD IS.”

The ultimate will of God for us is to be filled with His Spirit. When that happens, we know exactly what He wants us to do or say at every given time. God does not want to reveal His will to us only in choice of spouse or career or business. He wants us to know and do His will for us in every area and aspect of our lives down to the minutest detail.

I pray for every one of us that we would be filled with God’s word and Spirit to the point that life challenges won’t find it’s way into our hearts but slide through. I pray we’d have a word from God for every circumstance and each day in 2017





Hi beautified ladies, welcome to another edition of the SHE READS segment of the blog where we read and review a book monthly sharing lessons and striking points learnt.

A woman’s guide to peace in every situation

Fear is a very familiar companion to every woman or lady. It’s a normal struggle and only a few dare to admit it, because we are afraid to. We are scared others would think less of us if we do.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face. We can face fear head-on or use it as a tool that can empower us by drawing us into a deeper understanding of who God is.

Ultimately, we know deeply that on the other side of every fear is a freedom. The solution to overcoming fear is not positive self talk or a greater effort to control your own behaviour or the behaviour of others. The solution is a broken humility and trust in a sovereign, engaged and loving God.

Living in fear is like piggybacking a huge weight, one that we are not meant to carry. We have a choice of casting our fears and worries to God “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” I Peter 5:7(NIV) or choose to bear the burden of fear ourselves. The first response promises joy, the latter produce jitters. When we do what God tells us to do, the burden falls away. Freedom replaces bondage and rest replaces the pain that comes from the anticipation of evil.

It would be nice if we could simply erase situations that cause fear, deleting them as if they were emails in our inbox. But it’s not as easy as that most times. At such points we need to learn to rest. Rest on God’s promises and unfailing presence. He said He will never leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13:5b.

It’s normal for to be moms or already moms to be concerned about our kids. We want the best for them, we want them to be safe and free from the consequences of other people’s evil choices and from negative circumstances beyond their control – we fear for their well-being. We are scared when they go out alone with friends or when they enrol in a new school.

Let’s take a break and meet a wonderful mum in the Bible, Hannah. She suffered years of shame and depression without a child. She finally gets one and in her bid to fulfil her vow to God, after the weaning process, she gives that child back to God’s service all the days of his life. She’d have the chance to see him only once in a year. Needless to add that the priest she was leaving her son with had no stellar reputation for raising great kids (I Samuel 2:12, 13). But Hannah placed her focus on God, trusting that He who gave her the child would keep him. Samuel became one of Israel’s greatest prophets.

We need to understand that God has a plan for every child He has/ will give us the privilege to parent. We should not out of fear or ‘care’ stand in God’s way. The most we can do is constantly pray them to God and watch Him perfect the rest. Try as we might, we can never guarantee their safety, but we can guarantee that they are never beyond the realm of God’s presence. Their lives are in God’s hands- the One who loves them more than we ever could and who has eternal purposes far beyond our comprehension. He simply asks us to trust Him.

Basing our security on things that can vanish in a flash leads only to hardship. Their disappearance leaves us wrestling with anger, bitterness and fear. But if we hold our belongings (wealth, possessions, fame, etc) loosely and base our security in God, trusting in His promised presence and help, we experience freedom that cannot be shaken regardless of what happens; and that confidence is a blessing no one can steal.

There is no way to live without fear; nevertheless, it is possible to live beyond fear. Even those of us who have faith and who trust in God are going to find ourselves in scary situations. We need to learn to appropriate for our lives the reassurance of those words the Lord repeats so often in the Gospels, “Don’t be afraid. Fear not”.

When scary situations come our way, it’s normal to have an initial response of fear. Our hearts pound and our thoughts bing-bang in every direction, concocting every possible negative outcome. That’s when we are faced with a choice, to allow fright consume and control us, or do as God says “fear not”

Whether we are filled with confidence or fear depends on the kind of thoughts that habitually occupy our minds. If we want to stand against the storm of life, we need to prepare by occupying our minds with thoughts of God’s awesome power and strength, His love for His children, His ability to do the impossible, His compassion for those who hurt and His wisdom that exceeds our understanding. We need to familiarize ourselves with biblical accounts that show what He’s done in the past and reveal His promises for the present and future. We must also recall His faithfulness and mighty acts we’ve already witnessed or experienced.

Doing these things guarantees a prepared heart when the storms hit.

Gaze at the promises, glance at the problems. Remember, God is faithful. He’ll always see us through.


Father, I praise You because You are sovereign. I’m grateful that You, the blessed controller of all things, are my helper. I have every reason to be confident and not be dismayed. I will do whatever You ask, and I know that I will triumph. When the storm rages and all appear black around me, I will trust and rely on You. Amen.

10 Tips Every Parent Should Know

10 Tips Every Parent Should Know



It is very easy to get carried away as a parent. We seem to have a lot of things to  do- house chores, work, church activities, but all these things are obviously not as important as our kids.

I find myself consciously making efforts to pay attention to my children. Once I feel like I have not spent so much time with them, I CREATE the time.

It is important to find a balance between our everyday responsibilities and caring for these precious gifts.

Here are 10 tips you need to know-

  • Give your child your ears and eyes when he is speaking to you. I am guilty of listening and doing something else. When kids are talking it’s best to maintain eye contact so you can read their body language. There is always more to what they are saying.
  • Spend time doing activities that would encourage interaction with them. It is the best way to know everything and anything about your children. When children are relaxed and happy they tend to spill anything without feeling like we are barging them with questions. Ensure the activities are what they love.
  • Act, do not react. Whenever your kids do something wrong, take time out to think of the best way to discipline them. Try to understand why he/ she did what they did; there is always a reason. Correct if necessary.
  • Always give reasons before you discipline your child. That way they learn their lesson. Let’s not assume they do it on purpose. No child is naughty on purpose.
  • Let your children see how you relate with God don’t force religion on them. If your kids go to church because mummy says so or daddy says so, when mummy and daddy are not there they won’t go. Preach the Gospel to them, pray for the salvation of their souls and let God do the rest.
  • Allow them invite their friends to the house. Let them hang out where you are so you can hear their conversations. Get to know their friends and their parents.
  • Do not be a passive parent be specific about what you want. Create house rules and regulations. You can write them down and paste it on the wall. Use words like: In this house we; are kind, don’t shout, don’t complain, say thank you etc.
  • Please do not form seniority with your kids. They deserve your “please” and “thank you” as much as you do. They deserve their privacy as much as you do and they deserve respect as much as you do. In other words, practise what you preach.
  • Be involved in their schooling. Know their class teacher/lesson teacher, go for open days, see where they are lagging behind and ask them why they are finding that class or subject difficult, then ask them what they need to help them improve. This way you are making them responsible for their actions. Please avoid shouting at them because they failed in class. I bet they already feel bad, don’t make it worse. Instead remove or reduce privilege such as no game / television /travelling this holiday and let them know how you feel.
  • Give yourself a break when you make mistakes; no parent is perfect. That said, when it is necessary, apologize to your kids. It strengthens the bond and respect they have for you.

What other tips do you think should be added to the list or removed from the list? Kindly comment below.

TosinOpara. I am the content Creator/Brand manager for “Deestylefairy”. I am passionate about family, parenting and personal development, which are the values that my brand represents.

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The parameters that guide the layout of our lives should be founded out of a conviction of the revelation of our God-ordained assignments.

You know that long-standing primer to get people soulful and introspective, coined in the life question of; “where do you see yourself in ten years time?” well, it has been the landmark for many of us. For some, the events of the future might just be really vague, for some, they have a well-structured and goal driven plan for their life and then another category that stand tall in the revealed purpose of God for their lives.


The direction that charts the course of our lives should not be driven by ambition but by divine inspiration because truly, there is a way that seems right unto a woman but she has to get the roadmap from He who constructed the road, so she doesn’t hit a dead-end or miss her way.

So many times, we fall into the temptation of viewing our lives through the lens of life’s standard and systems created by men, systems in which the parameters that spell out success are in reference to the progress of others.

In the journey of life, there are no multiple lanes, every person is on a unique assignment in life not a group work. The moment we discern God’s plan for us we will live in an awareness that we are constantly a work in progress regardless of the situation around us because the stages and phases in life accumulate to measured seasons and God owns our seasons.

Every event, pleasant or unpleasant, every decision, every opportunity, every lesson in life is a prerequisite for that which lies ahead of us.

If the blueprint of our life is not spirit-inspired, we tend to cave in at the contact of pressure from life. We tend to feel behind schedule at some point because theyardstick is taken from wrong motives and misguided standard.


At the end of the day, what keeps you going, might not necessarily be what got you started. Your dreams get fueled and refreshed by the revelation of the clearer vision as it unfolds and gets refreshed in your spirit as you press deeper.

It takes having the understanding of a sure future and a clear dream to hold on to the promises of God and to keep taking the reference point of your life from His word.

Written by

Olajumoke Afolarin

Not Ready For Heaven

Not Ready For Heaven


1 John 2:15–17: “Stop loving this evil world and all that it offers you, for when you love the world you show that you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only the lust for physical pleasure, the lust for everything we see, and pride in our possessions. These are not from the Father. They are from this evil world. And this world is fading away, along with everything it craves. But if you do the will of God, you will live forever.” (NLT)

I watched the movie- Miracles From Heaven which is based on a true life story for the first time yesterday and I was just completely in awe of God all over again. The movie was so emotional for me and the part that made me really teary was when Anna ‘died’ and went to Heaven and everything was so beautiful. My heart leaped at the thought of how truly beautiful and so colourful Heaven is and the thought of standing face to face with God just left me in complete reverence and awe. I cannot even explain it, but truly, GOD IS AWESOME!!! And this song by MercyMe comes to my mind-

I can only imagine what it will be like
When I walk by your side
I can only imagine what my eyes will see
When your face is before me
I can only imagine

Yes, we can only imagine what it would be like to stand face to face with God, but the question is are we looking forward to that day? We can say we love Jesus. We can say we long to spend eternity in heaven worshiping Him. We can say we long for a world free of sin and corruption and pain and death and destruction. We can say this world is not our home; but can we be really honest with ourselves? We all want to go to heaven, but just.not.yet.

When I was single I remember I used to say “Jesus please don’t come back until I’m married and I’ve had sex.” LOL! I believe I’m not part of the five wise virgins. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had this thought and I’m also sure there are many single ladies that are saving sex until marriage who have this thought too. Right?  Then after marriage, it turns to Jesus, please don’t come back … until I have kids… before I buy my dream house inIkoyi … before I attend my son’s graduation… spoil my grandkids…  The list is endless.

The truth is most of us don’t want Jesus to return yet. We have no desire for heaven right now. If we were to choose, most of us would choose to die peacefully when we are 80 or 90 (in our sleep, dying at the same time with our spouse, if possible LOL) having experienced all the things we longed for on earth, we would be perfectly content floating off to heaven.

Jesus was not married. He had no home, no car, no retirement plan. He devoted His life to loving others, teaching about God, challenging His disciples and serving those He encountered. He didn’t seem to be concerned with just about any of the things that consume our thoughts on a daily basis- our jobs, families, dreams, goals, careers, ambitions etc.

This is not to say that these things are wrong, but have you ever thought about what it would look like if we truly made heaven our top priority? What if we not only believed this world is not our home but we actually lived it out on a daily basis? What if we showed little to no concern for material things and instead focused on pointing to the eternal?

What message would that send to the unbelievers who long for marriage, sex, kids, cars, houses and fat retirement accounts?What if they saw us longing to spend eternity with Jesus? And what if they saw us living it out right now, longing for Christ to return today instead of waiting till we are 80?

The reason a lot of us are not ready for heaven is majorly because we are not sure whether we are living in the will of God. The passage above(1 John 2:17) says if we do the will of God, we will live forever. If we truly do the will of God, we would not be bothered about material things and like Jesus, we would be able to say “Not my will but yours be done” and a longing to see Him and spend eternity in Heaven would fill our hearts.

Written by:

Funto Ibuoye- I’m just a small girl helped by a big God!




In a few days, we’ll be starting out on a new journey into a new year and as we look forward with renewed hopes and high spirits, it is time to unpack and repack.

Like life itself, the New Year is a marathon race or a long distance journey set before us with its many stops and typically, we engage it carrying luggage. Though naturally, we would all approach the New Year with defined hopes, plans, strategies and a winning attitude, we really aren’t ever sure of the curves, hurdles, hills and slopes that line our paths. We simply cannot determine what lies ahead. Nevertheless, our primary concerns should be to run the race set before us with all the endurance required, to travel this new path carrying only the needed stuff in our bags and to arrive at our finish lines (our many stops)in record time. So, what is in your bag?

Too many times we embark on life’s many journeys carrying way more luggage than we need that we eventually begin to crumble under the weight of self-inflicted burdens. We can’t repeat this mistake in the New Year.The only way to go faster, easier, cheaper and happier is to go lighter.Therefore, not everyone we know, everything we own or have been through is necessary for this next phase of our journeys. We must at this junction separate the essentials from the little “luxuries” that will eventually metamorphose into burdens. But then, the truth is that we simply cannot have an idea of what our journey’s “essentials” are unless we have some measure of understanding of what our life’s assignment and destination is since these variables determine the“essentials”. So, where are you called to do and where are you going?

As this year closes, you must be pertinent about discovering who you are, what you are called to do, where you are headed in life and understand what season of your life you are stepping into. You may not know all that is in store for you in 2017, but be sure about your life assignment and then travel intentionally with the right stuff in your bag. Generally, ideologies that are not in line with biblical perspectives, values that negate or are indifferent to your purpose, memories and experiences that pollute your stream of happiness and sense of worth, habits and character traits that reduce your opportunities, negative emotions that leave you with a waste of regrets, and unhealthy relationships that slow you down are some of the things you must unpack from your luggage and leave behind in 2016 as you advance into the new year and through life. Remember that life will tax you for every excess you bring on board, so lighten your luggage here and now.

In the end, all you really need is a knapsack carrying faith, good memories, significant life lessons, an improving character, a curious and expanding intellect, healthy relationships and a progressive revelation of God. Everything else may just be luxuries waiting to metamorphose into burdens.

So, if does your race no good, discard it. In fact, if it does your journey “nothing”, let it go. You will need the extra space for new, better and rewarding additions. So, unpack and repack your bag, lighten your luggage, and shake off the burdens now.

Written By

Deborah Adeojo

Writer, Speaker, Worship leader, Feminist and Communications professional in a romantic relationship with Jesus.



Our confession for the week is taken from Job 22:28-29
This week I decree that there is a lifting up for me!
This week men may be cast and trodden down but I remained lifted and blessed!
This week I decree that new and good things happen to me!
This week I condition my environment (house, place of work or place of business) to attract God’s  favor, blessings, mercies and goodness!
This week I decree that I receive help from helpers known and unknown to me!
This week I decree that my desires according to God’s will are met!
This week I decree that the earth yields abundance into me!
This week I radiate joy unspeakable everywhere I go!
I am a woman of substance, therefore I sit before kings and dine with queens!
I am highly favored!
I am a nation builder and a game changer!
I am a warrior on heels!
I am a woman of purpose and destiny!
I am a virtuous woman!
I am blessed and a blessing to my generation!
My heart is open to love God and people, especially those I am sent to!
I bear and rear children who will impact/impart their generation positively!
I am beautiful inside out!
I am a beautified woman!
I——————-am becoming———————- ———
(Insert your name and the kind of woman you are becoming)
P.S; you can still decree others things you want to see in your life this week according to Job22:28 and they shall be established.

What’s the big deal about a marriage proposal?  

What’s the big deal about a marriage proposal?  


There is no doubt about this; every single lady eagerly waits for the day the man of her dreams will propose to her. While the guy has to come up with creative and sometimes outrageous ideas just to ask her to be his wife, the lady will probably be thinking of whether to faint, cry, or bust out in laughter when the proposal comes. LOL

Don’t you just hear some marriage proposal stories and all that comes to your head is “how would my man propose? I know ladies who say “my own proposal has to be out of this world, “Say no to private proposal,” “I want the world to hear about my proposal”

This insistence on the extraordinary puts undue pressure on the men, some of them have not proposed because they are still saving money to buy the ring you want.

Social media is not even helping matters. So much priority has been given to the glamorous and extravagant proposals that some ladies measure the importance of their relationship by the kind of proposal the man pulls off.

Listen, big proposal and extravagant wedding does not guarantee a good marriage. Before you call me bad belle let me say this. I do not have a problem with flamboyant proposals, if he can afford it great, if he cannot please accept what he can offer. Never put your man under pressure because you want a flamboyant proposal.

It has gotten to the extent that when a man proposes privately to his woman, she is not so excited because people were not there to witness the proposal.

Some go to the extent of asking him to do it again. What happened to the ‘you and me’ time?

There is absolutely nothing wrong in having your friends and family at your proposal, I actually find that very honoring but if he does not do it that way would you still love it?

Wouldn’t you rather save the money for an out of this world proposal for your future?

Avoid comparing your relationship with what you see online. Because somebody’s proposal was recorded and posted online yours doesn’t mean yours must follow that pattern.

Some of these desires are borne out of covetousness. When you are not satisfied with what your man can offer and you constantly ask him to look at Mr. B. there is a problem

Godliness with contentment is great gain.

The proposal should be the least of your worries instead, channel all your efforts to preparing yourself for the real deal. Marriage.

Written By

Olayera Oluwaseyifunmi,

Blogger,  teacher, speaker, make-up artiste, voice over artiste and a lover of God.

Raising Kingdom Children

Raising Kingdom Children


It’s amazing how there are so many empowerment talk here and there, I am blown away by the number of young Christian women ensuring that other women are living their life for Jesus.

The gospel of Christ is been spread far and wide, I am glad. Let’s take it home for a moment; if Jesus were to come now right now which of your kids would go to heaven?

Have you taken out time to ensure that they are Kingdom approved?

It’s time mothers, it’s time to rise up for your child, the enemy is stealing a lot of kids and destroying their destinies, that would not be our children’s portion in Jesus name. Amen.

What kind of school do your kids go to? Are they particular about raising Kingdom children or are they particular about raising worldly kids?

The time has come for you to live life as a conscious Christian. Does your child go to Sunday school? Do you ask what they learnt at the church? Do you do bible study with your kids, do you teach them stories from the bible?

Buy the appropriate devotionals for your kids, I remember my mom used to get us everyday with Jesus for kids (I think one was called topaz) back then everyone had their own devotional (different age group) and I actually enjoyed it. As a kid those devotional helped me sort out some things I could not tell my parents.

As adults we are so caught up in our world and it’s challenges that we fail to remember that our kids also have challenges at their age, for their age.

Let us ensure our kids are brought up in the way of the lord. It’s more than ensuring they go to church, dress properly or have good manners. It’s ensuring our children make heaven.

There are little kids who gather at night to destroy families, homes, their parents, friends etc. through the manipulation of the enemy. Lets ensure our children are for Christ before the enemy steals them away.

God can use our kids at a very tender age, begin to speak the word of God on their lives prophecy on your children, pour out the Holy spirit on them and encourage them to be willing for the masters use.

Let’s teach our kids that it’s better to be in the lords army from a tender age.

Whatever happened to that bracelet “What would Jesus do” (WWJD)? That bracelet helped me a lot. It stopped me from making stupid decisions and doing stupid things. As a kid, I had anger issues; it actually helped to control my temper. Let’s bring it back.

Buy Christian toys, books, audios and accessories for your kids, take them to Christian concerts let them know that Jesus is cool.

Its operation wwjd! This week I am going to teach my daughter to ask herself wwjd before she takes any decision. Who is with me? Its time to teach our kids that anyone who doesn’t know Jesus isn’t cool and should be schooled about who Jesus is.

Its time to bring those bracelets back what do you guys think?

Let’s spread the gospel to 1000 kids with this band before the year runs out. Children will come to fear God.

Written By

Tosin Opara

I am the content Creator/Brand manager for “Deestylefairy”. I am passionate about family, parenting and personal development, which are the values that my brand represents.

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