I decree in the name of Jesus Christ that:

I am a doer of the word of God, I have the force that produces results and nothing and no one can limit my potential. I have the ability to create and produce. The Lord gives me the wisdom for witty inventions.

I am always in the forefront, spearheading new things, directing and leading others. I walk uprightly with God-fidence and purpose. I am Strong, determined and unwavering in my goals. I have the anointing that turns my dreams and ideas into reality.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The old shall stop and the new has begun for me. Everything I touchtoday grows, transforms and improves in perpetuity.

There is no restriction for me because God goes ahead of me, clearing and paving the road.  The Lord shall lead me to buried treasures and the secret caches of valuables.

The Lord shall single me out and call me by name. My life is a demonstration of Heaven on Earth. The Lord pours out to me buckets of His goodness.

Today, the Lord shall roll out the red carpet before me. My God shall comfort me and have pity on me. My desert shall blossom like Eden and my wildernesslike the garden of the LORD.

Joy and gladness shall be found in me, thanksgiving, and the sound of singing. Sorrow and sighing shall flee away from me.I am positioned by God to experience all that I have declared today in Jesus Mighty name.


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