Should Christian Women Be Feminists?

Should Christian Women Be Feminists?



If you were at Becoming2.0 then you know this was the topic of our panel discussion and we could not really come to a proper conclusion because everyone had a lot to say and we were short on time; so I promised to conclude the discussion online.

I checked up the definition of feminism and Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it simply as- “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”

This simple definition is what I agree true feminism is about. I totally believe that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities and even though the bible doesn’t explicitly refer to feminism, there are several scriptures and scenarios that attest to the fact that God supports equal rights between men and women and one story that easily comes to mind is found in Numbers 27 about the daughters of Zelophedad.

This story is a very unpopular yet powerful. Zelophedad was part of the Israelites who died in the desert before getting to the Promised Land. He had five daughters but did not have any son. After God told Moses to do a census and allocate land to the Israelites according to their clans, Moses did not allocate any land to the clan of Zelophedad because he had no sons.

Sometime later, the daughters of Zelophedad went to meet Moses and asked him why their father’s name should be wiped out because he had no sons; they told him to give them the land that should belong to their father. Moses took their case to God and God told Moses that the daughters were right! God commanded Moses to give them land and God made a new decree that if a man dies and has no son, his inheritance should be given to his daughter.

From this story, we see that God did not refuse the daughters their inheritance simply because they were daughters and not sons; instead He commanded Moses to give the inheritance to them and even made a decree out of it! Isn’t this what equal rights is about?

However the entire concept of feminism has been twisted by a majority of women who say they are feminist but their theory is based on a deep-seated anger and bitterness towards men; angry fanatics who despise men, worship women, and oppose families. As a matter of fact, I remember I was always quick to say I’m not a feminist when asked simply because of this idea of feminism that I cannot even exactly pinpoint how it got into my mind, I’d just blame it on the media that’s quick to portray these set of feminists.

So should Christian women be feminists? Yes!AndI believe it is time for Christians both men and women to rethink feminism. Whether or not we call ourselves Christian feminists, God calls us to be lights in a crooked, messed up world and being a light means we “speak up for the people who have no voice, for the rights of all the down-and-outers. Speak out for justice! Stand up for the poor and destitute!” Proverbs 31:8-9 (MSG)


11 thoughts on “Should Christian Women Be Feminists?

  1. Yes sister! We should all be feminist.
    I believe the issues many people have with feminism boils down to what they believe it is. Feminism seeks equality of rights for both men and women shekina!

  2. I related with this post. I’ve always been “accused” of being a feminist, because I tend to stand up for women or I’m naturally inclined toward helping and doing things for women. I wasn’t sure what the concept feminism was geared toward or about, so I stayed on the observer lane while I gleaned all information I could on the subject. This article by Funto is illuminating and mind liberating. Gracias. Love, Anita.

  3. Enlightening article, feminists are not the same as men haters as they are often thought to be similar. Good work.

  4. The definition people have given to Feminism is the problem, but with the scenario Funto has painted, there’s nothing wrong in being a feminist…..

  5. I really can’t imagine when we talk about feminism…and someone brings in marriage issue, I.e.. the duty of the man and woman… Please is there any relationship between feminism and relationships(marriage)??!!.. #iamafeminist

  6. “I remember I was always quick to say I’m not a feminist when asked simply because of this idea of feminism that I cannot even exactly pinpoint how it got into my mind, I’d just blame it on the media that’s quick to portray these set of feminists.”
    …This used to be me because of what the internet portrayed feminism to be. Thank God for enlightenment.

  7. Lovely piece! And well done on the good job you are doing. To promote this, I think it is imperative that a significant no of women be educated on what feminism is and isn’t and then the men can learn as well. Feminism isn’t “I shan’t agree” like my pastor says but a way of life where both male and female can be civil and fair in their deals with each other. In my own words where people can “live and let live”

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