Hello Beautified Ladies,

It’s day five of our 31 days of confession.

Today, we are decreeing the grace of God upon our lives, work and everything that concerns us.

I profess that today is my day of Grace. God shows up for me on all matters. The grace of God upon my sent men of God fights for me. Today, I enjoy the goodness of God on all sides. I enjoy the increase of God on all sides. I am a recipient of divine freedom and all things are changing together for my favour. I command the grace of God everywhere I go. I exude the fragrance of the Almighty. God is on my case therefore I am not disgraced, insulted, confounded, ashamed or disturbed. Every labour in my life gives way for unmerited favour. The grace of God is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weakness.

My errors are minimized, my results are maximized. I receive boldly the mercies of God and find grace to help in time of need. I am full of grace and power. I do great signs and wonders in my generation.

I decree that the grace of God keeps me steadfast in purpose.The grace of God keeps me from falling. I proclaim that the grace of God builds me up and gives me my inheritance among those that are sanctified. I cause every hindrance and root of bitterness against the flow of God’s grace in my life. Today is my day of manifestation and all the forces of nature work together for my good. Today, my faith in God will yield great results.

The order of grace that singled Esther out among other virgins singles me out today. My heart is strengthened by grace therefore I do not give in to my emotions. The word of God has preeminence in my life.

I believe, I say Amen and it is settled.
Have a wonderful day!

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