How well do you handle criticism?

How well do you handle criticism?



I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there, at one point of our lives or the other, where it seems like everyone is against us. I remember growing up as the last of three children, I often felt like “no one understood me” especially when it seems I was  the only one on my own side of the ‘team’ (as though life was a game)and I never stood a chance against my ‘opponents’ who always had strong scores to put up against my wimpy tantrums.

Lucky for me, I know better now. I’ve been able to draw the line between noteworthy corrections and disposable criticism.

Our attitude to correction shows how open we are to change, so many times we feel we are actually doing things right, until the lens through which we see gets slightly adjusted by another with a better perspective. It is not always about being right or wrong,the thing is- as purpose driven women, let’s learn to put our guards down and pick up corrections that are sure to guarantee that we stay relevant where God has prepared for us.

Yes; the form and manner in which corrections come could be harsh or maybe offensive, there’s no nice way to package the truth, it always stings. And yes; it so happens at times that there’s this one thing in you that ‘everyone’ points out as a major flaw. Deal with it. Stop thinking the whole universe is against you or that nobody likes you. Although,it is acknowledged thatthere are fault finders, people who always seem to rain on your parade, which makes it all the more important that we learn to weigh out the harsh truth from the spiteful words.

Are you committed to a lifelong journey of relevance?

Do you really want to keep that hashtag Queenin’ beyond the display? – be sure to stay teachable and open to correction.

Written By:

Jumoke Afolarin

2 thoughts on “How well do you handle criticism?

  1. O the strides of a humble heart
    The thoughts of a calm mind
    Learning and gaining wisdom
    Every day like the will of a toddler

    Write on Jumoke!

  2. this do happen you feel like nobody is there for you everybody left you aside but one thing we have to know is we are not suppose to think negative about everthing when we pay attention more to what GOD says about us we will stop filling our minds with criticism they happen so we can become better people its corrects us b blessed

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