Smart phone, foolish Christian

Smart phone, foolish Christian


If I’m being honest, I have certainly not been spending real quality time with God as much as God would have me or as much as I should. And my smart phone with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook doesn’t even help matters. I wake up in the morning (after waking up several times during the night to feed Gbolabo) and the first thing my brain is wired to do is pick up my phone and go through Instagram.

Even when I open the Bible app on my phone to read, it is so easy to screenshot a Bible verse for my followers to see than to actually spend at least thirty minutes really reading the Bible and becoming a more effective follower of Jesus.

As a Christian, I am called to remain and abide in Jesus because it’s only when I remain and abide in Him that I would bear fruits (John 15:4); and the way I remain in Him is by spending time with His Word. The Bible is not something I can just scroll through, double tap and repost my favorite parts. It’s something I must read, study, meditate on and then let change my life.

With my phone always with me, it’s easy to view the Word of God as something to fit into a tweet or something to screenshot and post on Instagram. Somehow, I have shifted from reading the Bible for my spiritual growth to reading short Bible verses in 140 characters or opinions shared by others on social media. Hmmn! My smartphone is making a foolish Christian out of me.

The Holy Spirit helped me to see that this is one major tool the enemy is using to keep Christians from studying the Word and spending time with God because he knows that a Christian who is grounded in the word is a Christian he cannot mess with. If we must grow spiritually as Christians, then we cannot allow our phones and social media take the priority when it comes to spending quality time with God in our quiet time.

So if you’re like me, I’m sure you’re asking already “How do I overcome this?”

These are a few tips that have helped me:

  1. I decided to be INTENTIONAL about my quiet time. You have to be intentional about spending time with God because if you’re not intentional about it, you won’t create the time for it.
  2. I consciously try not to pick up my phone first thing when I wake up. If I pick it up to check the time, I drop it back immediately.
  3. I use my HARDCOPY Bible for my quiet time instead of the Bible App on my phone. This really helps to take away the distractions of social media so I can really focus on reading and studying.
  4. I journal my thoughts, prayers or reflections. This helps me to feel like I’m actually having a conversation with God and also helps keep track of the things God is doing in my life so I can always look back and see How He has been faithful.
  5. I find a verse to meditate on through the day so even after my quiet time and I get into the busy-ness of the day I’m constantly thinking about that verse. This helps me to fill my mind with God-consciousness.

Let’s not let the devil use our smart phones to turn us into foolish Christians who don’t understand the power they carry because they do not have the time to abide in the Word.

Written by:

Funto Ibuoye- I’m just a small girl helped by a big God!

23 thoughts on “Smart phone, foolish Christian

  1. More grace Funto! God bless you.

    I’m also facing the same challenge just that ain’t waking up to feed a baby(lol).

    I get a daily devotional via my phone and the moment the mail gets in, I’m suppose to stay connect to the word and meditate. Instead I get distracted by news feed and also pending messages I didn’t read from night before.
    I’m thankful that I can realign back with your short article. God bless you.

    I should get a new hardcopy bible and be INTENTIONAL about my devotion.
    Thanks again.
    I stay beautified.

  2. This post was totally meant for me.thanks for being a blessing to me this so going to implementing this in my study life.God bless you. Anticipating the next post.

  3. Funto thank you. I need to be “INTENTIONAL” Am so glad that you can relate with our fears and express them aptly on your blog. Congrats

  4. Girl!!!
    Just the title gave me life.
    One thing i do is go to AIRPLANE mode before i sleep so there is NOTHING to see when i wake. And i dont turn on data till im done. Any scripture i need to Google can wait lol. And of course, AMEN to YouVersion having offline versions haha

    Well done darling

  5. Very true. I’m very guilty if this. As suggested by Eziaha too, airplane mode will be very helpful.

    Your tips are so on point, especially being intentional. Thank you for this.

  6. Your sincerity , is another ministry on its own. This piece is it. For our strength, drive, message, passion, assignments, stay alive by Him. Thanks Funto.

  7. Truth! Truth! …

    INTENTIONAL is a ‘must’ word in the Christian race … till you find ‘you’ living the ‘habit’ unconsciously and deeply ….. just like you don’t need to be told to sleep,eat, etc ….

    God bless you ….

  8. Thank you for sharing. For me I use an online devotional so data has to be on but thank God for the power to resist temptations to check my messages, plus I usually just close everything so even if a message is sent to me, I won’t receive it till I reopen that application.
    The bit about writing down your thoughts got me, I do that too as I have come to see its importance. I know that there’s a time I am going to need it or a time I’m going to share it with someone. Just as David’s writings in the Psalms continually bless me, I hope to use my writings to bless me and remind me of God’s faithfulness and then to bless others.

  9. I really like the honesty,
    It’s like you just spoke out my mind…
    God bless you maam, my role model from a great distance.

  10. I once struggled with this, turning off Facebook, Instagram &Twitter app notifications helped a great deal. Still not consistent with my timing tho. God bless you

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