Social Media Rules For the beautified Lady

Social Media Rules For the beautified Lady




Social media is truly powerful, it has started revolutions, raised funds, boosted electoral votes, enhanced customer care, created disease awareness, and even served as an educational platform.

This immeasurable power has attracted it to millions of people all over the world from different backgrounds, nationalities or tribes. Over the years we have seen people get jobs on social media while others are experts at disgracing themselves on this worldwide platform. Sad!

What is a beautified lady allowed to do on twitter, facebook, instagram and other social media sites? The way you handle your social media account says a lot about you.

Here are 10 things you should do on social media

  • Be polite, kind, thoughtful and uplifting in your posts and comments. Don’t use the power of anonymity to say hurtful things about other people. It is not classy!
  • Be interactive and engage your followers. Reply comments, retweet joke, unwind. It still ‘social’ media, the more interactive you are, the better. Who knows who you can meet via this platform?
  • Re-read and analyze content before you post it. Check for typographical errors, factual accuracy and avoid ambiguous statements that can lead to misinterpretation. Pass your message across with as much clarity and originality as possible.
  • Separate your personal social media account from your business/commercial account and respect the privacy of others who do so.
  • Avoid controversial topics (especially on business/commercial pages).Employ diplomacy.
  • Share only what you truly believe is worth sharing. Use your platform for worthy causes. Make sure you are bringing worth to your followers. Don’t post nude pictures of yourself or any other person online. It’s distasteful.
  • Be sensitive, know when to post what. A day when the world is mourning multiple terrorist attacks is absolutely not the day to advertise your cute new range of lipsticks.
  • Choose your social media handles wisely and watch what you share. Some reputable companies and institutions evaluate the social media pages of potential students, employees and business partners before dealing business or granting interviews (Yes, this is totally legal). Build your online legacy carefully. “The Internet never forgets”.
  • Give credit to the writers or owners of photos, articles or any non-original content if you post their work. There is no point stealing someone else’s work.
  • Watch the accounts, pages and groups you follow, join or accept requests from. Avoid pages with lewd or hateful content as their posts may be interpreted to reflect your own personal views. You have your name and image to protect.

What other things do you think beautified ladies can do on social media?

Written by

Chiamaka Anne Meremikwu.  A doctor in training with a passion for God, humanity and literature.

She is an introverted-extrovert and she strives to make life as fun and easy as possible for as many as she can. If you don’t find her harassing her friends or grooving to some Igbo gospel music.

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