Don't shut your kids up

Don't shut your kids up



My mum came to visit few days back actually she came to recuperate in my home she was a bit under the weather. She told me about a child who asked her parent about sex, she was told to shut up and never say that again. (Typical)

The inquisitive child went ahead to ask the driver what sex is. The driver decided to take his teaching a bit further by showing her what sex was and this ultimately ruined her life, as she reportedly became addicted to sex.

Well I don’t believe the whole story (you know how these old women keep hearing one story or the other and we don’t *sigh*) but one thing is true a lot of parent shut their kids up. It could be because they are embarrassed, clueless about the topic, distracted or over zealous.

If you don’t tell your kids what they need to know or hear them out some one else will and that is very risky.

Kids are inquisitive especially from the toddler age, Yep! blame technology. Do not think these children are too small to understand whatever it is you explain. The wonderful thing about kids that age is that whether they understand it or not they take it hook line and sinker.

There are many predators out there (all over the world), not trying to scare you but it’s the truth. Be patient with your kids and hear them out when they are speaking. Don’t be too busy for your kids. What’s the point of changing the world and your kids are not benefiting from  that change.

Teach your kids about God, sex, violence, abuse, money, self control etc. Don’t do all the talking make it an interactive conversation, ask questions to know how much they know about it before giving your opinion.

Try not to force your opinion on your kids, instead give them reasons why they should consider such path. Encourage them, don’t criticize.

If you don’t know how to go about this special talk with your kids seek professional advice on how to go about it.

God help us all in Jesus name Amen. May our kids never be victims but Victors, in Jesus name Amen.

Written by Tosin Opara

I am the content Creator/Brand manager for “Deestylefairy”. I am passionate about family, parenting and personal development, which are the values that my brand represents.

Picture Credit: Google

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