Hi everyone! Welcome to the ‘ember’ months. This season is full of so many activities, mostbeautified ladies will definitely be either guests or hostesses for one gathering or another. So in the spirit of this season I’d like to share some etiquette tips for the hostess  this season. This post will be focused on dinners/hangouts. I’ll discuss tips on being a gracious and courteous guest in my next post.

Before the hangout, be sure to do the following

  • Extend the invitation on time to allow your guest time to plan towards the visit.
  • Give your guest as much information as possible that will enable them locate your home or whatever venue you choose. This includes landmarks, phone numbers and addresses.
  • Inform them about the nature of the gathering so they dress appropriately. Also inform them if you will be having other guests over at that time (mutual friends or not).
  • If you will be pre-ordering or cooking the meals and appetizers yourself. Find out if the guest has food allergies or certain lifestyle preferences (e.g vegan, vegetarian, low-salt diet) so this informs your meal preparation / orders.

During the hangout

  • Be ready or arrive before your invited guests so as to receive them on time. Lay out the appetisers and drinks, be out of the kitchen and appropriately beautifully dressed.
  • Thank your guests for any gifts they bring along with them.
  • Do not make extra guests feel unwelcome even if they were uninvited.Add an extra place setting and chair to the table, ask them about themselves, introduce yourself and make them comfortable.
  • Try and introduce your guests to other guests as well as family members present.
  • Try to keep the conversations lively and interesting, steer the conversation away from boring or controversial topics in a non-obvious way (you can browse for tips on this)
  • Be physically and mentally present. Reduce the use of your phone during the visit (especially at the dinner table) and stay focused on making your guest feel comfortable and engaged.
  • When the check for the mean comes, do not mention the price of the meal, just pay for it and carry on.
  • To bring an end the visit or dinner a helpful tip is to start talking about the visit in past tense. For example “this was such a lovely brunch, we should do this more often”. Your guest should get the message.

After everything is over

  • Try as much as possible to clean up after your guests.
  • Be sure to send them a thank-you note for honouring your invitation, let them know you enjoyed having them over.


I hope these tips were useful!

Written by

Chiamaka Anne Meremikwu.  A doctor in training with a passion for God, humanity and literature.

She is an introverted-extrovert and she strives to make life as fun and easy as possible for as many as she can. If you don’t find her harassing her friends or grooving to some Igbo gospel music.

Read more of her work here


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