About a week ago, I was at a church programme with some colleagues most of whom were guys. A lady walked towards the area where we were seated, and immediately she passed, most of my colleagues had this awful look on. I wondered what made them look at her with such disgust so I tapped the guy closest to me in search of answers. He replied:

She is not fine at all mehn! And she is walking with so much pride as if she is beautiful.

I casually laughed his comment off but deep down there were lots of questions running through my mind:

1: What was their judgement of the lady beauty based on?

2: What exactly do we refer to as beautiful?

3: What is on this lady’s inside that makes her walk with so much grace even though she most likely knew that many guys wouldn’t consider her their kind of beautiful just like my colleagues didn’t.

4: Is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder or the beholdee??

Well, the truth is this,

Beauty is much more than our outward appearances! (I’m sure we have heard that several times already, Lol).

With the landmark set on what a beautiful girl should look like on Instagram, Snapchat and several other Social media platforms, it’s difficult to find people who see true beauty for what it really is.

My colleagues were apparently just concerned about the lady’s physical appearance. They were ignorant of the fact that beauty is much more than what the physical eyes can see, at least that is what 1Peter 3:4-6 tells us.

The problem with many young ladies in our generation is that we tend to seek validation from people especially on whether we look beautiful or not. Many even begin to spend above their earnings to acquire things that will make them look cool for the ‘Gram (Queen Slayers).

Some even go as far as doing plastic surgeries not as a corrective measure for some defect that affects their health but to make their body look more “beautiful” to its beholder.


Beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder!

At least that’s not where it starts from.

Beauty starts from within…

When you begin to feel and see yourself as beautiful, it doesn’t matter what any other person thinks, you’d carry yourself with so much grace and ambience that will make people with a shallow perspective of what beauty means begin to wonder what it is you carry that makes you so proud (just like my colleagues, lol.)

The lady at the programme that day probably knew who she truly is on her inside. She knew she was much more than what her physical appearance looks like.

She probably understood that even though she didn’t have the figure eight and “on fleek” body every random guy will desire, she was beautiful to God!

She understood that she was made in Christ’s image and as such she was perfectly beautiful.

We must understand that our beauty isn’t based on what man thinks of us.

It is about what God says we are; and the bible tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Once we begin to feel beautiful on our inside, it begins to reflect on our outside and hence, it’ll become visible to as many that behold us.

Beauty is not what people see when they look at your physical attributes…

True beauty is how and what you feel on your inside about who you are!

If you ask me, I will say true beauty isn’t in the eyes on the beholder…

It is in the mind of the Beholdee!

P.S Just in case you are wondering what Beholdee means; it refers to the carrier of a beautified personality ***Winks***

Written by

Igbukolu Tobehukwu Yvonne, a well-motivated mass communicator, cinematographer and writer.

I am the very visual representation of God’s love and I have a passion for getting the message of God’s love and grace to people around the world especially through my write-ups.

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