Hey Cupcake, get baked!

Hey Cupcake, get baked!


I looove cakes- sponge, red velvet, chocolate, fruit- any cake. Though I’m not a baker, I am persuaded that there’s something strangely divine about cakes and the comfort they give. However, there is nothing as disappointing a piece of cake that smells divine, looks great but tastes undone. Despite the resources invested into its baking, it’s just too unhealthy to be eaten and therefore discarded. Now, let’s talk about you and me.

There is no doubt that individually we are a combination of the world’s sweetest and most enviable ingredients. We’ve got talents, skills, passion, purpose, faith, a progressive revelation of God amongst others. However, the tragedy is that if all these nicely combined ingredients are not properly baked in the heat of godly-character, we just might end up in the trash like that undone piece of cake.

Character is simply who you are within. Unlike reputation which is mostly a function of perception,characteris the stable and distinctive qualities built into your life which determines your response regardless of circumstances.With the social media and other marketing tools and strategies, we can always create a good reputation and make people perceive us the way we want them to. We can speak “christianese”and smile for the camera, but the cloak of perception that is inconsistent with our reality will eventually fall off to reveal who we truly are.

Sometimes, God delays our manifestation despite our tremendous gifts, abilities and capacity for growth because we are not quite done. Though God is anxious to serve us up to our world,He knows that if the undone parts of us get tasted, it will ruin His overallinvestment in us and testimony over us. So He takes through the heat with wise counsel, self-evaluation and adjustments, and the grooming of the Holy Spirit. We must cooperate with Him.

We must note that where character fails,the depth of our insight, breadth of our knowledge, profoundness of our thoughts and rarity of our abilities means nothing. Where character fails replacement is inevitable and growth is truncated. Remember that Vashti and Saul lost their crowns, and Judas lost his apostleship because of certaincharacter flaws.

What we can do can get us access to places, but it is who we are that will keep us there, growing and sought after. A godly character is simply a byproduct of the presence of the HolySpiritand a proof of His continuous work in us.

Sista, don’t be that cupcake that smells divine, looks great but tastes undone.Whatever the cost, get baked!

Written by:

Deborah Adeojo.  Writer, Speaker, Worship leader, Feminist and Communications professional in a romantic relationship with Jesus.


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  1. “What we can do can get us access to places, but it is who we are that will keep us there, growing and sought after”
    Thank you so much ma

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