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I recently celebrated my one year wedding anniversary and so did some of my friends who just got married recently. We’ve all been married between one to three years so we get to share experiences and encourage one another.

During one of our meetings, my friends and I talked about how a lot of things, (trust me it’s a whole lot) change after the wedding and then remembered how I felt the morning after my wedding when I woke up to my husband’s knee digging into my side, He’s such a restless sleeper while I curl up on my side.

I am no marriage expert and don’t intend to become one but I have learned and still learning that marriage can be sweet and beautiful but you’ve got to put in lots of work. Here are a few things no one will tell you before you get married (LOL): –

Disclaimer: – This is a fun post, not a rule.

Together Forever.

This might mean a lot more than you think, it is not just about fairy tales and happily ever after like Cinderella and Prince charming, sometimes it’s about doing things or going with your spouse to places you don’t feel like going, it’s not just about you anymore.

Cooking is compulsory

Thinking of what to cook would become an everyday chore especially if your spouse hates eating out. I suggest you get ready for that. You only solace will be if your husband understands or can cook. He’d be able to help you out sometimes.

You may lose some friends

Some friends will decide to give some you space and when you ask why, they will say it is because you are married (don’t ask me why because I still don’t get it), some other friends will be angry that you are not as close as you used to be because you can’t hang out with them as much as you used to. Brace yourself for that dear.

You will fight

I’m sure you are thinking ‘this is nothing new’ but I’m not talking about fighting over ‘big issues’. You will argue over insignificant things like where to put the salt or who gets to watch their favorite T.V show. The weirdest part is that this can easily become a full blown argument if not nipped in the bud.

Cuddling and sleeping together may not always work

You might not like sleeping in the same bed with your partner all the time especially if your partner is a restless sleeper, you could wake up with their knee in your side or their butt in your face. It is also important to remember that sleeping in each other’s arms like we see in the movies, does not work for everyone. Your spouse might be the type that snores up a storm (not just men, women snore too)

Don’t expect to hold on to your privacy when you are married.

 Not even in the bathroom ( lol). You can only have your privacy when your spouse isn’t home but then it won’t be long before you miss him and can’t wait to see him again.

Liking or loving your spouse

There are times you ask yourself “what was I thinking, When I married this man?” other times you’d feel like the luckiest person in the world. It is normal, that’s why marriage is a commitment not a ride.

I’m sure there are other things you might want to add to this list, please share with me in the comment section.

Written By Jesuseun Adebo. Worshipper, writer and a blogger who is passionate about impacting lives in unusual ways. Read more of her work here

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  1. This post looks so simple and harmless but I tell u its having a huge effect on marriages today. 9 years down the line with my husband,I can tell u 99 percent of what I’ve seen in marriage was told by anyone to me. My challenge these days when I counsel newly weds and singles is that,they tell me their pastors in their courtship classes made them understand that they’ve never had a fight with their spouses before and so these means they can’t fight. Why are we shying away from the inevitable? I have to go down the basics for them to understand it can’t work that way. The first thing I didn’t understand when I got married was that what I had was no longer MINE but OURS, all my ME had to become WE and I became US especially as I was making my money and was used to saving for myself. Then when kids started coming in, my dear the SACRIFICE was and is still one out of these world, this is when u will realise u actually Love someone more than yourself. Not to bore u with my long epistle,the bottom line in marriage,like I used to say is that ” there is no love in marriage but rather love from both parties and this is what I call Garbage-in Garbage-out. In other words, u get what u give in. Your input therefore detetmines your output. Because u get what you give. So my dears, Marriage is Work! Work!! Work!!!

    1. Marriage is so beautiful & it sincerely worth all d work it gets…trust me dear u don’t want 2 miss dis experience.

  2. I totally agree with all the points and being married for two years, you have to make overlook some things, dont allow the sun go down on your quarrel, avoid third party opinion if possible and have a direct relationship with the holy spirit for guidance.

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