Hi beautified ladies, welcome to the first edition of the SHE READS segment of the blog where we read and review a book monthly sharing lessons and striking points learnt.

Our book for this month is “The Power of Being A Woman” by Michelle McKinney Hammond. In her own words- “Men and women are different and were created so deliberately by God.Yet present-day moral issues and the fight for equal rights have left most men and women confused about who they are, where they fit, and what they mean to one another. Women have felt devalued and powerless. This causes them to embrace the modern-day opinion that they must operate by male standards in order to gain respect in the world. But the real tragedy is that the transition back to being a soft woman after leaving the hardness of the boardroom becomes more and more difficult. It is safe to say many have lost their way back to femininity.”




Here’s my major takeaway from the book:

We are in that season where Christian women want to take leadership positions in church, workplace and even in politics using the life of the only female judge in Israel Deborah as an example.

Let’s take a look at her story for a second.

First off, the Bible clearly states that God selected the judges, it wasn’t a political affair. The people had no choice as to who their next judge would be.

Though Deborah was a ruler with authority, she was a woman under authority to God and her husband. She had a spiritual calling from birth as a prophetess; a natural call as a woman – a wife of Lappidoth and a positional call as a servant of God – a judge of Israel. She led the people (men and women alike) with gentle respect that caused the usually heady Israelites to follow her willingly in a society that was not used to women in leadership.

Greatest leaders are those who allow themselves to be led. She didn’t have to preach, walk or talk like a man to rule. She was a woman living out her calling. She handed the battle over to Barak, he asked for her assistance because he was aware that she had something (a spiritual covering) he needed to be victorious in that battle. She agreed to go with him but gave him the option to change his mind by letting him know the end his request implied. At the battle field, she instructed him when to go forth and fight, she didn’t go charging ahead of everyone (she might have been killed); she gave Barak the support he needed and left the fighting to the men.

She was a woman who had learnt over the years as a godly wife to be submissive to God and her husband. God saw her faithfulness and behavior towards her husband in her little home and knew He could trust her with Israel. If she had the reputation of a rebellious wife, the people of Israel would not have listened to her.

As women, the more we yield and are submissive, the more we are released for profound influence, elevation and leadership. Every time we rebel, we become servants to what we try to rise against. That was what happened in the Garden of Eden, man had been in the garden a while before woman arrived so he obviously knew the way around, the rules and regulations governing the place. The moment woman decided to go out of order and wander the serpent met her. The serpent was aware he could not come around when she was with the man, because man had a deeper understanding of the garden.

Being out of order costs us the covering and protection of confident men, the security of our homes, soundness of our children, our personal peace, fulfillment and our health.

What was supposed to be easy will now be difficult, the thing that gives us the most joy will also give use most pain. Not just during the delivery process but during the upbringing of children. The Bible makes several references to women weeping over, or being in a state of sorrow over their children.

When Christ came, He took all the curses on the cross but it’s unfortunate that most women have not ‘cashed’ the check of freedom from the curse, they’ve also gone further to add the curse of the man on theirs.

More than ever, we have women killing themselves in the work place, toiling by the sweat of their brows exposing their bodies to intense measure of stress. The ‘super woman syndrome’ is taking its toll on us in larger and larger waves, thus the rise in female health problems; in the reproductive organs that produce our children as well as the breasts that nurture them.

By the time we are finished being ‘men’ at the office, we find it difficult to shift back to being women at home. God is not against women working and being successful at least we all want to be like the Proverbs 31 woman, it’s when we get out of order that we get into trouble.

When we lose ourselves and begin forcing ourselves to develop muscles we’re not designed to have, our internal and relational system suffers. This is where Deborah rose above the curse. In today’s society she probably would have been labelled a feminist but in reality she was far from it. Deborah won the war without any help from the feminists and she kept her femininity and her family intact. You can do it too!


PRAYER:  Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for my misplaced priorities. Forgive me for not celebrating the woman You created me to be, for buying into the lie of the world that I am inferior, a voice to be ignored, an empty vessel without honor. Help me to embrace the truth that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I am a marvelous work, that my femininity is a treasure hidden in this earthly vessel. Stir up the gifts You’ve placed within me and make me a wise steward of all that You have deposited in my spirit. Teach me to be the woman You fashioned me to be. Guide me in the way that You would have me take to the praise and honor of your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

Have you read the book as well? what lessons did you pick? kindly share in the comments!

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  1. This is such a great book. women have lose their place in the society while trying to be equal with men, we have lost our identity.

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