Struggling To Be Relevant? This is for you!

Struggling To Be Relevant? This is for you!

As a young girl I wanted to become a medical doctor though this desire was not birthed or fueled by any personal revelation or discovery. I was just a good girl with a good ambition to become a good doctor, earn a good living and make my good parents proud. However, this ambition died prematurely when I struggled with science subjects. Luckily, time and chance happened and today, I am relishing fulfillment in a career that though I didn’t intend to pursue, I was apparently designed for. Not many people are as lucky.

Despite the proliferation of teachings emphasizing the need to discover and deliberately pursue purpose, many people are trapped in the pursuit of good dreams and ambitions that they are not built for. While some are driven by a range of insecurities, others are merely victims of ignorant societal expectations. Sadly, we are born into societies where with subtlety we are instructed on becoming and fulfilling certain expectations with little or no regard for God’s intention for our existence. In fact, some don’t believe in the reality of a deliberate divine motive for their existence. Regardless, God is too busy to create for the sake of creating and so for every creation, including you, there is a plan and an assignment.

While it is important to seek God and wise counsel, it is also crucial to actively engage in personal exploration to discover purpose. This is because personal exploration leads us through a process of self-discovery, understanding one’s design, uncovering clues and ultimately, to the discovery of purpose. Therefore, you must begin a search about you within you with the understanding that you were woven and equipped for an assignment. In fact, the combination of how and who you are plus what you can do is because of why you are here. This means that your personality traits, natural abilities and features, background, exposure, etc. are all tools and trainings deliberately conditioning you for the fulfillment of your purpose. You must work with them. As you discover yourself, your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, you must strive to focus on, expose and grow your assets, while you starve and eliminate your liabilities.

Perhaps, if I had taken extra lessons and invested extra effort into studying, I could have become a medical doctor but a miserable and limited one I’m sure. Similarly, you can become anything you work very hard at, but fulfillment coupled with cheap and progressive success in only attainable in the pursuit of God’s purpose for you and it’s all in your design. Not every good ambition is good for you. You must pay attention to your design and work with it.


Written By: Deborah Adeojo

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  1. It is very important to remember that jobs and career will come and go but our appointment vision in life will remain constant throughout our life because this vision we are talking about is a reflection of who God has made us to be. God help us as we desire to be relevant in his vineyard

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