Raising Kingdom Children

Raising Kingdom Children


It’s amazing how there are so many empowerment talk here and there, I am blown away by the number of young Christian women ensuring that other women are living their life for Jesus.

The gospel of Christ is been spread far and wide, I am glad. Let’s take it home for a moment; if Jesus were to come now right now which of your kids would go to heaven?

Have you taken out time to ensure that they are Kingdom approved?

It’s time mothers, it’s time to rise up for your child, the enemy is stealing a lot of kids and destroying their destinies, that would not be our children’s portion in Jesus name. Amen.

What kind of school do your kids go to? Are they particular about raising Kingdom children or are they particular about raising worldly kids?

The time has come for you to live life as a conscious Christian. Does your child go to Sunday school? Do you ask what they learnt at the church? Do you do bible study with your kids, do you teach them stories from the bible?

Buy the appropriate devotionals for your kids, I remember my mom used to get us everyday with Jesus for kids (I think one was called topaz) back then everyone had their own devotional (different age group) and I actually enjoyed it. As a kid those devotional helped me sort out some things I could not tell my parents.

As adults we are so caught up in our world and it’s challenges that we fail to remember that our kids also have challenges at their age, for their age.

Let us ensure our kids are brought up in the way of the lord. It’s more than ensuring they go to church, dress properly or have good manners. It’s ensuring our children make heaven.

There are little kids who gather at night to destroy families, homes, their parents, friends etc. through the manipulation of the enemy. Lets ensure our children are for Christ before the enemy steals them away.

God can use our kids at a very tender age, begin to speak the word of God on their lives prophecy on your children, pour out the Holy spirit on them and encourage them to be willing for the masters use.

Let’s teach our kids that it’s better to be in the lords army from a tender age.

Whatever happened to that bracelet “What would Jesus do” (WWJD)? That bracelet helped me a lot. It stopped me from making stupid decisions and doing stupid things. As a kid, I had anger issues; it actually helped to control my temper. Let’s bring it back.

Buy Christian toys, books, audios and accessories for your kids, take them to Christian concerts let them know that Jesus is cool.

Its operation wwjd! This week I am going to teach my daughter to ask herself wwjd before she takes any decision. Who is with me? Its time to teach our kids that anyone who doesn’t know Jesus isn’t cool and should be schooled about who Jesus is.

Its time to bring those bracelets back what do you guys think?

Let’s spread the gospel to 1000 kids with this band before the year runs out. Children will come to fear God.

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Tosin Opara

I am the content Creator/Brand manager for “Deestylefairy”. I am passionate about family, parenting and personal development, which are the values that my brand represents.

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  1. Lovely post! I certainly remember the devotional topz for teenagers, my mum and her elder sister used to get for my siblings and I when were young. Definitely with you.

    1. Goodness me…Topz was awesome, to say the least. I’m on a mission to get all the books, devotionals, sing along tapes and study materials for my little one. She won’t just know Jesus, she would live Jesus!!!

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