The parameters that guide the layout of our lives should be founded out of a conviction of the revelation of our God-ordained assignments.

You know that long-standing primer to get people soulful and introspective, coined in the life question of; “where do you see yourself in ten years time?” well, it has been the landmark for many of us. For some, the events of the future might just be really vague, for some, they have a well-structured and goal driven plan for their life and then another category that stand tall in the revealed purpose of God for their lives.


The direction that charts the course of our lives should not be driven by ambition but by divine inspiration because truly, there is a way that seems right unto a woman but she has to get the roadmap from He who constructed the road, so she doesn’t hit a dead-end or miss her way.

So many times, we fall into the temptation of viewing our lives through the lens of life’s standard and systems created by men, systems in which the parameters that spell out success are in reference to the progress of others.

In the journey of life, there are no multiple lanes, every person is on a unique assignment in life not a group work. The moment we discern God’s plan for us we will live in an awareness that we are constantly a work in progress regardless of the situation around us because the stages and phases in life accumulate to measured seasons and God owns our seasons.

Every event, pleasant or unpleasant, every decision, every opportunity, every lesson in life is a prerequisite for that which lies ahead of us.

If the blueprint of our life is not spirit-inspired, we tend to cave in at the contact of pressure from life. We tend to feel behind schedule at some point because theyardstick is taken from wrong motives and misguided standard.


At the end of the day, what keeps you going, might not necessarily be what got you started. Your dreams get fueled and refreshed by the revelation of the clearer vision as it unfolds and gets refreshed in your spirit as you press deeper.

It takes having the understanding of a sure future and a clear dream to hold on to the promises of God and to keep taking the reference point of your life from His word.

Written by

Olajumoke Afolarin


  1. A very lovely piece Jomoke. My best part is this line, “The direction that charts the course of our lives should not be driven by ambition but by divine inspiration… ” God has given us the ability to dream and aspire, but our lives and all our aspirations find meaning when we keep in step with God’s leading. God’s blessings.

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