Hi beautified ladies, we all made it to the last Friday of 2016, whoop whoop!!

We hope it’s been an amazing year for all of us and the inspiring posts shared on the blog has been of tremendous value for your time.

As we draw the curtains of 2016 to a close, God wants us to know and believe that He is the one that knows the end of a thing from the very beginning. Meaning He knows what the end of 2017 looks like for each of us even before we step into the year. The more reason why we need to lean on Him more than ever for strength and guidance.

That leads us to the book of this month – A FRESH ANOINTING BY KENNETH HAGIN.

There’s nothing as important for Christians today as to be full of God’s word and the Spirit of God for ourselves. The time of following man-made plans and formulas has long passed. We need God’s word in our hearts and the anointing of God upon our lives so we can prosper in every thing we do.

As God anointed the prophets, priests and kings with oil in the Old Testament, He is still anointing all believers with His Holy Spirit to go into all the world, to preach the Gospel, to witness about Him, and to be New Testament kings and priests unto Him.

Believers won’t be able to be full reservoirs for God’s glory without the anointing of God upon their lives. We need to be anointed by the Holy Spirit so that everything we do will prosper as we fulfill God’s plan for our individual lives.

God wants us to continually receive a fresh anointing so we won’t be empty cisterns. To achieve this, we have to be:

  1. Full of God’s word.

The word of God is to dwell and live in us.

“Colossians 3:16- Let the word of God DWELL in you RICHLY in all WISDOM.”

God’s word is to dwell in us not in a small degree but richly. Just like a dry sponge placed in a bowl of water soaks up all the water it can, we are to ‘soak up’ the word of God and get it into our spirits. Then if we are touched by any circumstances of life, the word of God will flow out of us like water out of a sponge.

Soak up the Word until you’re so full that if you get touched on any side by any difficulty, the Word of God flows out. If you get touched by persecution, the Word comes out.

The word of God is to dwell in us richly in all wisdom because we need wisdom to know how to rightly divide the Word of God so we can apply it correctly in our lives. The Word of Christ dwells in some people, all right, but they have no wisdom as to apply it in its proper context. They misuse and abuse the Word by taking it out of context, and use it to say things it doesn’t say. The word of God is to dwell in us richly in ALL WISDOM.

  1. Full of the Spirit.

“Romans 12:11 – Not slothful in business, FERVENT IN SPIRIT, serving the Lord.”

Other translations say “Be glowing in Spirit”, “Have your Spirit glow”, “Be on fire with the Spirit”, “Be aglow with the Spirit”, “Be aglow and burning with the Spirit”, “Maintain the Spiritual glow”.

To be fervent in Spirit or be aglow with the Spirit involves both your spirit and the Holy Spirit; it’s not all up to the Holy Spirit. God wants us to stay filled with the Spirit so we can maintain the Spiritual glow of the Spirit.

  1. Know and stay in God’s will for you.

“Ephesians 5:17 – Wherefore be ye not unwise, but UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE WILL OF THE LORD IS.”

The ultimate will of God for us is to be filled with His Spirit. When that happens, we know exactly what He wants us to do or say at every given time. God does not want to reveal His will to us only in choice of spouse or career or business. He wants us to know and do His will for us in every area and aspect of our lives down to the minutest detail.

I pray for every one of us that we would be filled with God’s word and Spirit to the point that life challenges won’t find it’s way into our hearts but slide through. I pray we’d have a word from God for every circumstance and each day in 2017

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