Keeping the love alive even after the babies

Keeping the love alive even after the babies


Hello everyone and Happy New Year, may 2017 bring Joy all year round into our lives.

So let’s discuss ladies, how is the love affair with your husband’s? Hope you have not started calling him baba (insert child’s name) or daddy (insert child’s name) because that’s a problem.

When the children start rolling in we forget that our first priority is to our husbands; oh yes hubby come before the kids, but how do we put our ‘ogas at the top’ first without it feeling like a duty.

How do we make our husbands priority in love? How do we still treat them like we did while we were courting? Do they still have that special place in our hearts or have other things taken their place?

Here are a few tips that can help you treat hubby well:

  • If you are a newlywed/ expecting your first baby; then it’s important to discuss how you want to keep you love affair intact. Is it through weekly dinner/lunch dates, romantic weekend getaways or constant texting? Find something that works for you.
  • It’s important to discuss the sex life after delivery and birth control options please. I don’t know how to say this but sex is a major part of your marriage, forget what you know or you think you know. Men love sex don’t deprive them, even the good ones can only be deprived for so long. If you have issues with sex deal with it by talking to the right medical personnel. Don’t be shy to open up please; if you prefer to see a female doctor please request for one.
  • Seeking for domestic help is very important especially if you constantly feel overwhelmed and have a lot of meltdowns, but you need to apply wisdom when welcoming someone into your home to help in the day to day affairs. Pray about it seriously. It’s important that you and not the help cater directly to your family. The help is there to assist not take over from you.
  • Put your love affair with your husband first because your kids will grow and leave you all alone with your hubby.
  • Read articles and literature on how to make your relationship stronger and exciting. Try new and exciting things in and out of the bedroom. Do a surprise home alone arrangement take the kids to grandma, have sometime to yourselves, as a couple. Have fun and do what you used to do before the kids arrived.
  • Always look good for your hubby, even if you don’t go out, ensure you always look good when he gets back.
  • Educate yourself so you will constantly discuss things that will stimulate your hubby’s mind. Your spirituality, intelligence, appearance and character is key to keeping your marriage spicy.

Till next time stay blessed.

Written By Tosin Opara

I am the content Creator/Brand manager for “Deestylefairy”. I am passionate about family, parenting and personal development, which are the values that my brand represents.

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