We made it!!!I know we’re two weeks into the year already but it’s my first piece here in 2017 so Happy New Year!

As we look forward to better experiences this year, I counsel you to do all that you can to protect the deposits of God within you. Believe it or not, 2017 is pregnant and so are you! This year has so much potential to deliver great opportunities to birth and serve the promises, visions, and dreams you are pregnant with. But while you wait for the appointed time to deliver, you must protect your conception!

Every conception needs a gestation period to mature and be ready for birth. This period is most critical because any form of carelessness can lead to a deformation or miscarriage. Too many times we “miscarry” God’s promises for our lives, our visions and dreams because we unduly expose them to harsh and negative influences while they’re still fragile and in the making. Not so this year! You’re going to be jealous over that pregnancy and step up the security around you by guarding your gates.

It’s important that you become very conscious about, and selective and intentional with what gets into you through your gates- your ears and your eyes. You need to be careful about those “conversations”, “advices”, “entertainment, “education” etc that come subtly to destroy those deposits.

There are probably projects that you didn’t execute last year because you were busy soaking up negative energy from the negative news in the media or perhaps someone told you (however nicely) that “You can’t do it”. Or maybe there were risks pregnant with opportunities that you didn’t take because you were dutifully observing the times and analyzing the seasons. Or you probably didn’t ascend certain spiritual heights because someone said “It’s not a big deal” or you were simply choked by the force of worldliness through exposure to unwholesome entertainment, literature and relationships. Well, it’s going to be very different this year because we’re mounting heavy checkpoints at the gates. Let God’s word “stop and search” everything that comes around and if they don’t fit His description, turn them back.

Safe guarding those promises, visions and dreams for this year is your responsibility. Take is personal! Know that whatever has your eyes and ears determines the course of your life. So, if you see it and hear it long enough, you start think it. And if you think it long enough, you become it.

To get the kind of results you need this year, there are songs you cannot listen to, movies you cannot watch, information you cannot pay attention to, and companies you cannot keep. Make sure you only allow and pay attention to influences born of God.

Enjoy God always and Thrive!

Deborah Adeojo

Writer, Speaker, Worship leader, Feminist and Communications professional in a romantic relationship with Jesus.




One thought on “GUARD YOUR GATES

  1. Let God’s word “stop and search” everything that comes around and if they don’t fit His description, turn them back.

    God bless you Ma.
    You speak WISDOM!

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